Hey Kids! Vote For Your Rich, Dishonest, Aloof Granny


On Sunday, a recently remodeled, “grandmotherly”, Hillary Clinton took to social media to announce she’s running for president. Her choice of venue likely served three purposes:

  • It was cautious in the extreme, thus minimizing the chance of Hill repeating one of her unforced, “we were dead broke” gaffes.
  • The carefully scripted rollout abandoned any attempt to match or surpass the crowd-fueled enthusiasm of the Cruz, Paul, and Rubio events….thus avoiding any embarrassing side by side visuals.
  • And, probably most important, Mrs. Clinton and her endless legion of advisors, figured announcing in this way would be a winner with those savvy young people following along on Facebook and Twitter. The former first lady wants their votes.

While Clinton’s history, recent and distant, along with her increasingly unkind personal optics may make reaching the latter mentioned goal most difficult, she is, true to Democrat/Obama form, heading to speak at a community college in Iowa. She’s scheduled a “roundtable discussion”, providing both a setting and audience where she, no doubt, feels most comfy. These newbie voters and their professors are unlikely to raise any prickly questions regarding Hillary’s latest transformation from elitist, secretive pol, and failed Secretary of State, to “champion” of the people.

The woman who would be president will not be subject to any uncomfortable inquiries related to her stunning wealth, dubious veracity or infamous aloofness. Here are some queries Mrs. Clinton will never hear at the Jones County Regional Center of Kirkwood Community College:

  • “Mrs. Clinton, how could you possibly forget you had two separate devices capable of sending and receiving e-mails?”
  • “Hillary, why would a genuine feminist allow, or even encourage her philandering husband and his henchmen to savage the reputations of women who’d come forward to protest his brutish, unwanted advances?”
  • “Madam Secretary, why was the consulate at Benghazi, despite numerous requests for more security, left unprotected before the deadly 9/11, 2012 terrorist assault?”
  • “Will you be referring to those working in restaurants as waiters, waitresses, or servers?”
  • “Was it fine for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation to raise millions of dollars from foreign nations, some of whom have horrific human rights records regarding gays and women, while you were Secretary of State?”
  • “Senator Clinton, why did you vote for the the Iraq War?”
  • “In 1999 and 2000 you and Bill spent $4.55 million on two homes. Are you one “of those at the top” of that stacked deck demeaned in your campaign kickoff video?”
  • “Hillary, if I join you “on this journey” can I come aboard that $39 million Gulfstream Jet you’ve flown to all those $300,000 speaking engagements?”

But wait! Hillary’s temporarily traded that mode of transportation for a van they’ve christened “Scooby”. Hill’s trying to establish “middle class” bonafides she’s never had, by being driven from her multi-million dollar NY estate to Iowa.

Hillary in her mystery machine

Given Mrs. Clinton’s 67 years, it would be more authentic if the vehicle was a 60’s VW Bus.


But what chic, young person would want to see their filthy rich, dishonest, aloof granny suddenly trying to relate to them by wobbling out of some hippie van relic from half a century ago? We can guess not very many.