Hey Student Activists-Drug ODs Exponentially More Deadly Than Killers w/Guns


Apparently the “March for our lives” was all the rage in most media. It was heralded and promoted well before so much as one participant had taken a single step. The coverage during and after made sure to match the pre-game hype.

Reporters cast these kids, at least the ones calling for 2nd Amendment restrictions and in some cases gun confiscation, as the awakened conscience of our nation. Claiming the virtuous mantle of “saving lives”, and inspired by the recent horrific loss of life at Marjorie Stoneham High School, students ceaselessly called on us to “do something”. Their goal is to end the deadly bloodshed. “Enough!” scream the signs.

But if these activists are genuinely committed to preventing tens of thousands of avoidable deaths, their focus would not be limited to headline-grabbing gun murders. If they were truly sincere and better informed we’d like to think their life-saving focus would be on the less spectacular, but much deadlier drug overdose epidemic gripping our nation.

The OD Scourge in Broward

As a point of fact, it’s hard to believe that youngsters hailing from Broward, the birthplace of this media charged movement against gun violence, have been untouched by the OD scourge. That county had 582 accidental overdose deaths in 2016 and was on track for a 30% increase in 2017. The total could reach over 1300 in a two-year span. That computes to over 76x the loss of life suffered at Stoneham.

But lacking the single ghastly event needed to stoke media coverage, people are dying in gruesome heartbreaking ways without anyone “Marching for their lives.”

The Stats About Guns and Drug Overdoses

Here are some recent stats. Analysis of FBI data shows there were about 11,000 gun-related homicides in 2016. The semi-automatic AR-15 rifle was considered responsible for roughly 330 of those. Meanwhile, in the same year, drug overdoses took the lives of over 64,000 Americans, many of them are school age.

News Flash-Someone should tell student activists, their adult handlers, and the fawning media, that in today’s America people are, by exponentially rising factors, much more likely to lose their lives to a drug overdose than to a die at the hands of a killer with a gun.

Specifically, the probability is almost 6 times greater, unless the weapon happens to be an AR-15. In that case, there is roughly 195 life robbing ODs for every one fatality caused by the semi-automatic rifle the screaming, sign holding marchers love to hate.

So when will it dawn on these student activists, that while they wage an uninformed, ideologically driven war against the 2nd Amendment, tens of thousands of their peers are losing a daily life and death battle against addiction? When will they finally say “Enough” and “do something”?

Probably only after they step out of the intoxicating, celebrity media spotlight and wash all that stardust from their eyes. They should hurry because overdoses are killing their fellow Americans at the tragic rate of about 7 per hour.


  1. Insightful !
    But it’s not the narrative for their hate. Deep Socialists would rather have the youth drugged up and liquored up. Just look at the Russian population as of the past and present alcoholism.
    Maybe, just maybe as these facts hurl their hypocrisy in their face, it might stir some of the ‘leaners’ to an awakened truth.
    Ya gotta keep trying.

  2. I wonder if these school children think about the effect of all the violence they see every day playing video games and watching tv or going to the movies and how much that contributes to creating state of mind the teenage shooters are in? Or the fact that by the time a child ends elementary school he/she has seen 8,000 murders and 18,000 violent acts by age 18 on average. Why aren’t they protesting in Hollywood or at the companies that make the violent movies, tv shows and video games?
    A recent article by Pro/Con News stated that 60% of middle school boys and 40% of middle school girls who played at least one Mature-rated (M-rated) game hit or beat up someone, compared with 39% of boys and 14% of girls who did not play M-rated games.
    Another recent article in Reason.com states “You would have come away from the March for Our Lives Rally thinking there’s a school shooting epidemic in America. But what happened at Stoneman Douglas was extremely rare. American schools are profoundly safe, and most likely getting safer: According to researchers at Northeastern University, shooting incidents involving students have actually decreased in recent years, and in the 1990s the overall crime rate was much higher than it is today. The rate of homicides from firearms in the U.S. has plummeted. In fact, students are orders of magnitude more likely to die in a car crash on their way to school than they are to be gunned down on school grounds.”
    Should we stop using cars next?

    • The left doesn’t like cars either -they use fossil fuels and people die in accidents. If they could get rid of them, they would. In NYC, commie DeBlasio has made it a serious challenge to drive in the city.

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