HHS Abandons Anti-Fraud Measures, Goes to Honor System



Photo of Obama’s signature on Obamacare. He is Obamcare and Obamacare is him.

Obamacare had anti-fraud measures built into it but these safeguards have been abandoned.  The government will rely on self-reporting to determine who is eligible, at least temporarily, because they can’t make it work.

Obamacare will be a breeding ground for massive waste and fraud.

The government planned to verify the income and insurance status of applicants for federal health coverage subsidies. One website would allow state and federal officials to check an applicant’s income level in real time and then come up with their level of subsidy.  Now, three months before the exchanges are to open for individuals, HHS finds they do not have that level of sophistication and will abandon anti-fraud checks for now.

They simply can’t do it and will put applicants on the honor system.

Cost projections were based on a fraud-free system.

If caught lying, applicants will face a $25,000 fine and must return the ill-gotten subsidies.

This fine will work as well as the waste & fraud supervision in welfare, Medicare and Medicaid, which works not at all, except for a random person here-and-there.

Should we expect ads in Mexico for Obamacare exchanges like we have for food stamps? Just wondering.

Full story at Washington Examiner


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