HHS docs show Obama’s illegal “kids” included killers, rapists, traffickers


In 2014, the Obama administration had Border Patrol agents escort unaccompanied minor criminals all over the country after they crossed the Rio Grande from El Salvador, Judicial Watch reported.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens now cross every few months. At the time, it was tens of thousands.

Based on documents Judicial Watch obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, 1,000 of these ‘kids’ were known murderers rapists, dealers, and traffickers. The documents from Mission, Texas show that from May 2014 to November 2014, Obama admitted 1,000 dangerous criminals.

Reports Include 1,000 ‘Significant Incident Reports,’ Revealing UAC ‘Refugees’ Admitting to Murder for Drug Cartels, Prostitution, and Sexual Predation

Reports Also Cite Incidents of U.S. Government Contractors/Employees Allegedly Assaulting Unaccompanied Alien Children.

This was one six month period. They are roaming the country freely, committing crimes and building a cartel culture here in the United States. Many are monstrous and you can read more on this link.

We now have tens of thousands coming each month, and the numbers are increasing.

Obama knowingly let them stay. This is what the Border Patrol has said for years. As far as these so-called unaccompanied youth — children — many are full-grown adults who lie about their age.

The NY Times called these 2018 arrivals “boys” — unaccompanied migrant children. Do they look like children to you?

It doesn’t even matter. In these narco-nations, children 11 and 12 are killing people.


There were more than 700,000 visa overstays in 2017, nealy two decades after 9/11. The terrorists who launched the 9/11 attack exploited the visa system. Judicial Watch reported that last month.

The system has loopholes that can be exploited. For example, students on visas who don’t show are not being reported by the universities. We seem to do nothing about it anyway.


The idiot Governor of California says there is no emergency. He’s a liar and just one of the many Democrats and some Republicans who are overseeing the downfall of our nation. We will be El Salvador.

The President tweeted a response, but we need action NOW! That border bill he signed is making things much worse, but he is having walls constructed. There is so much more that needs to be done and done immediately. As this is going on, the MSM and Democrats are worried about Robert Kraft and the owner of the spa/whore house chain. It’s odd because Democrats want to make prostitution legal.

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