Hickenlooper Calls for 10-Year Visas IMMEDIATELY for All Here Illegally


Former Colorado governor and 2020 presidential hopeful John Hickenlooper is a nauseating panderer. He told Telemundo during the presidential candidate forum in Miami he was ready with automatic visas for the people here illegally. That is different from his past comments.

“Everyone deserves a pathway to citizenship,” according to him. He wants to give the 11 million illegal immigrants [more like 40 million] 10-year visas. The visas would also be a pathway to citizenship.

Will there be “robust vetting” as before? Or, will ne’er-do-wells, like cartel members, get automatic visas?

Democrats support this because they feel illegal immigrants are safely Democrat voters for life.

“What would be your plan for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that are right here in the country. Would you give them a path to citizenship?” a moderator asked.

The answer was, “What I would say with the 11 million people that are here now that we should give them a 10-year visa immediately, put them on a pathway to citizenship and make sure that if it takes longer they can have extensions.” He reversed a prior position in which he said citizenship isn’t a priority for illegal aliens. He saw the wind blow.

Bernie Sanders did him one better and promised free Medicare for All for every illegal alien. He must want to bankrupt us.

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