“High-flying” Socialist, AOC is MIA From Her Own District


From the time of her meteoric rise to political prominence, newbie congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been omnipresent on virtually every media platform.  She’s all over television, Twitter, Facebook, radio, and even print publications. 

About the only place she lacks a commanding presence is in her own New York Congressional District 14.  Some 8 months after Alexandria won a Democrat primary that assured her November election, and 4 months after that victory was rubber-stamped by Dem voters, she has yet to open a local office, and questions about her residency have arisen. 

As reported in the NY Post, in spite of AOC’s high-profile appearances in Manhattan, including a love fest with Trump Hater Stephen Colbert, her constituents do not have access to a district office or even a local phone number.  When she had an opportunity to move into former Democrat congressman Joe Crowley’s space, Ocasio-Cortez balked, claiming the landlord almost doubled the rent to $15,000.

“That spike would have meant fewer caseworkers for our community,” she posted. “Instead, we’re making a new space with a family business!”  The socialist, with a degree in economics, is, instead of waiting on renovations to be completed on a unit that is projected to cost roughly $17,000 monthly.  

What remains unclear is exactly where Alexandria will be commuting from; if and when that office is finally ready.  While the Bronx condo, that had been her father’s before his passing, was cited on AOC’s voter registration form, nobody’s seen her in the neighborhood unless she’s with a camera crew.  Longtime neighbors and even the mailman haven’t spotted the “home town” celeb.

So it’s likely no surprise to learn, “…in 2017 when Ocasio-Cortez first filed paperwork to become a congressional candidate, she didn’t even know what district she lived in, mistakenly declaring plans to run for neighboring District 15 before correcting the error days later.”

Meanwhile, in D.C., AOC’s rented an apartment in a building where studios go for $1,840 per month.  The Washington Examiner reported, “Her new digs feature gold-plated amenities like a rooftop infinity pool, a cycling studio with a dozen pricey Pelotons, men’s and women’s saunas, and a golf simulation lounge — but no affordable units for low-income residents, in spite of a local law that requires them.

While back “home” in CD 14, “In the absence of a district office, and with no way to contact the rookie congresswoman, voters have resorted to desperate measures. “Constituents come here and leave notes on the door,” said the postal worker at her Parkchester apartment building last weekend. “But it’s a waste of time.”

Oh, the irony!!  What do you do if you’re a constituent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the anointed Socialist Queen of social media, and need to contact her with some serious concerns?  You leave a post-it note on the door, where she used to live!


Editor’s note: Since this was written, AOC says she still lives in the “hood.” She won’t tell us where for safety reasons, but you can be sure it’s nice.

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