High Stakes Battle! NC Sues Federal Government Over Bathroom/Locker Room Bill – UPDATED



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The federal government, specifically the Department of Justice, civil rights division threatened North Carolina last Wednesday with a letter to the governor stating that their transgender bathroom/locker room bill violates federal civil rights law and puts them in danger of a federal lawsuit. The enormously big government gave them until the end of the day to say they would not enforce their bill or the government would cut off billions in funding to the state and the state university. When the governor asked for and extension, it was denied.

The NC bill might need revision to provide protections for people who have undergone reassignment surgery, however, since when is the federal government in charge of bathrooms? Are bedrooms next? Since when is the Department of Justice allowed to write laws and pretend they are “rules” or so-called “civil rights”?

This will be a very high stakes battle and in all likelihood the out of control federal government will win. They have the money – our money, the courts, vocal supporters, and they are all-powerful. American citizens no longer have any rights.

The Marxists in the administration have been playing one group against another and dividing us with their identity politics and they have done it unnecessarily. This was not a pressing issue until the government overstepped their authority and imposed their will on each state in this and every other conceivable issue.

The government made it clear that unisex or transgender bathrooms/locker rooms were not acceptable as an alternative in a battle with a school district, forcing the issue.

North Carolina on Monday filed a lawsuit against the federal government in response to the letter. Governor Pat McCrory had shown no signs of backing down since the letter was sent, saying on Sunday in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that “It’s the federal government being a bully. It’s making law.”

Chris Wallace said they are a protected class under the 1964 Civil Rights Law.

McCrory responded,” That’s what they say, but that’s not what the federal law says. The federal law uses the term “sex” and Congress does not define “sex” as including gender identity or other terms that the Justice Department has currently used. So right now the Justice Department is making law for the federal government as opposed to enforcing law.”

McCrory sees the NC bathroom bill as a “common sense” measure. There has been “an expectation of privacy. When you go into a restroom or your wife goes into a restroom, you assume the only other people going into that restroom or shower facility is going to be a person of the same gender. That’s been an expectation of privacy that all of us have had for years.”

The government wants anyone to use any bathroom they want as long as they say they are the gender indicated on the bathroom. In other words, all bathrooms have to be accessible to all genders. The fear is molesters and pedophiles will exploit the opportunity.

Businesses also say it’s a financial burden.

McCrory said the Justice Department has gone too far in contending they can determine gender. “It’s very hard to define transgender or gender identity,” McCrory said.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said the deadline set by the federal government would be ignored and they are not going to be bullied by the federal government.

The civil rights division of the DoJ now has an all-powerful enforcement division.

The ACLU, a far-left organization once tied to the Soviets, has also sued North Carolina.

Last week, the Attorney General of Texas warned Target department stores of the dangers of their bathroom policy which mirrors the government’s new law. He wrote to Target warning that inviting men into women’s bathrooms [men don’t want women in their bathrooms necessarily either] is dangerous. He demanded they forward their safety policies immediately. Lt. Dan Patrick has also come out forcefully against it.

A boycott of Target organized by The American Family Association has reached 1,203,381 signers. Target is not concerned and said the controversy will blow over.

Paypal pulled their new facility which was to be built in NC over the NC transgender bill and McCrory called it a case of “selective outrage.” They do business in the Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Anyone who objects is a homophobe according to the media and the opponents who reacted against the new bathroom/locker room policy implemented by the enormously big government are being accused of starting the controversy though it started with the government.

The danger is being exaggerated on both sides. It is the liberals themselves who say if “only one life is saved” that’s all that matters, however, and there isn’t a rash of transgenders being evicted from bathrooms. The federal government has no role here. They are forcing themselves into every aspect of our lives, even bathrooms and locker rooms, not to meet a need, but to control us.

The government and their media hacks are blaming conservatives for making it into a controversy but it is the government that has done that. No one is saying Caitlyn Jenner can’t use the women’s bathroom.

There was no problem on either side.

In an announcement today, Governor McCrory said he was given no time to respond and he has called on the Congress to clarify what the law is. Where is Congress anyway? He has asked the courts to clarify.


The latest is the Federal government is suing North Carolina back. This is ridiculous. Can’t people see that? let the locales decide, not the enormously big government that is bullying and abusing people until they bow to their will. People who want to be represented in this government have to be in the tiny minority. It’s absurd.

Personally, I don’t want to be in a bathroom with a man and I want my privacy in a bathroom. Does anyone believe Obama or Hillary would be in the bathroom with a stranger of the opposite sex? Hillary was late to a debate because she insisted on being alone in a bathroom.

The Justice Department, no doubt counting on Hillary choosing the next five SCOTUS nominees, has filed a counter suit and they did it within hours of the NC suit.

The DoJ suit seeks a preliminary injunction to block implementation of the state’s House Bill 2. The suit names as defendants, the state, McCrory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the University of North Carolina System and the UNC Board of Governors.

This is absurd. Everyone is suing everyone with our tax dollars over a non-issue that the federal government made into an issue. Marxists thrive on crises in order to implement their leftist agenda.

If you want to contact Governor McCrory, call (919) 814-2050 or reach him via twitter, facebook or email:  http://governor.nc.gov/contact/email-governor


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