Highlights! Why Dems Are Gloating Over the Open Borders Bill


According to Ryan Gidursky of One America News, Democrats are privately gloating over the border and spending bill but are somewhat contained because they don’t want to “poke the bear.”

Mexican cartels control the borders and basically got a veto of the areas where no walls can be built.

The bill grants asylum over detention to the masses.


The bill expands Catch and Release by reducing the number of border beds from 49,060 to 40,520.

There is no funding for added enforcement and removal field personnel. There will be no more ICE agents.

It expands the Alternatives to Detention program from 82,000 to 100,000. They will not be housed at the border, but rather in the interior where they will stay without border agents.

There is $40 million for more ICE staffing dedicated to ATD case management, especially for the fake asylum seekers. The money will only go to helping illegals settle in non-detention centers in the country.

Border ‘WALL’ construction is only allowed in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security cannot establish, collect or impose any new border fees on either border.

Then, of course, there is the sponsorship rule which allows any sponsor or potential sponsor of a minor and their other charges to escape detention and all detention proceedings at any time.

Finally, as we have reported, local officials in border towns who are often chummy with cartels get to nix the barriers. Also, there are five trafficked areas off-bounds. The President won in court against those restrictions but here they are anyway.


The Smithsonian gets a billion dollars, almost as much as the President got for the wall. There is another 3.4 billion for refugee assistance, representing a $74 million increase, and $4.4 billion for international disaster relief, which is a 100 million more than last year.

All blood-sucking foundations Trump wanted to get rid of will remain, including The Asia Foundation, US African Development Foundation, the Inter-American Foundation, and US Trade and Development Agency.

Israel, Jordan, and Ukraine get $5.3 billion.

There is more than $3.1 billion allotted for foreign health services in the bill. That is a lot more than the President got to protect the nation.

The census bureau gets more money to fight the President and keep him from putting a citizenship question on the census. Illegal aliens count toward the census and towards representation in the House. The Democrats’ first bill in Congress, HR1 mandates that illegal aliens be included in all future redistricting.

Anyone who says Republicans won anything is lying and you shouldn’t listen to them.

And then there is this:

Rep. Mo Brooks sums it all up here:



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