Secret Underground World of Drug Cartels in the US


Another tunnel filled with marijuana has been discovered on the Mexico-San Diego border. It’s a bad sign we shouldn’t ignore. The US is becoming a safe haven for drug cartels and other criminal illegal aliens.

California has wide open borders, streams of drugs poring in, drug cartels controlling poor areas in US cities, and with this as a backdrop, Governor Brown is telling illegal immigrants, which includes drug dealers, that they are welcomed. In fact, he’s giving them the benefits of citizens to make it more attractive. While border control tries to stem the flow of drugs, the governor is inviting them in and US sanctuary cities are protecting criminals.

If only Governor Brown spent as much time and money trying to control the border.

If we continue to leave the border open, if we continue to send the message that criminal illegal aliens will be welcomed, our country will be in danger of drugs becoming our market and our culture.

In fact more than 340 cities are now protecting criminal illegal aliens. Governor Brown’s attitude is spread throughout the country.

Mexican authorities said Thursday they seized about 10 tons of marijuana in an elaborate tunnel with a rail car system that extended well into San Diego that was designed to smuggle drugs into the U.S. from Tijuana.

The tunnels aren’t only going into San Diego but California is doing little to stop it.

“You can’t fight markets,” says David Shirk, associate professor of international relations and director of the Justice in Mexico project at the University of San Diego. “When a market reaches a certain size, you can’t fight it.”

“For every mile of fencing we put up, for every extra thousand or ten thousand border patrol agents that we throw into the area, there’s always some trafficker or some organization out there who’s figuring out how to maneuver around those obstacles,” says Shirk, who contributed to the Attorney General’s report in Arizona.

The tunnel is one of the longest and most sophisticated they’ve found. It was 9 feet deep and 2600 feet long with about 700 feet in San Diego. It had lights, ventilation, and structural beams.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not provide any other information. The area is controlled by Mexico’s Sinoloa cartel and US Border Patrol has said the cartel controls the border.


Hundreds of tunnels have been found along the U.S.-Mexico border – the most sophisticated equipped with hydraulic lifts and electric rail cars.

The San Diego-Tijuana region is popular because its clay-like soil is easy to dig with shovels and pneumatic tools, and both sides of the border have warehouses that provide cover for trucks and heavy equipment.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Thomas Pittman found the tunnels 18 years ago and discovered they were a veritable Wild West underground.

“The drainage tunnels were wide open and people were just flooding through them,” Pittman said. “Back then the drains had gates [along the channel between Nogales and Mexico] that were made out of simple landing mat and the illegals would just break them open with no problem and make their way through.”

Border Patrol installed heavy steel gates so the cartels dug their own tunnels. They have found more than 200 trafficking tunnels since 1990.

Through May of 2014, 107 tunnels have been discovered in the Tucson Sector and 102 of them were in Nogales. Nogales is the most active illegal tunneling area in the U.S.

The Nogales Tunnel Task Force, headed by Homeland Security Investigations and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was established in 2011 and is made up of personnel from CBP, the Drug Enforcement Administration; and state and local agencies. There are only 15 members of the Border Patrol’s tunnel team.

The Border Patrol refers to their efforts as “playing whack-a-mole.”

Source: CBS News