Hillary Accuses GOP of Racism Because She Has Not “Many Other Options”


Hillary Clinton is accusing the GOP of racism because she doesn’t have too  “many other options,” Chris Stirewalt told bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom.

She can’t address the scandals so she has to attack Republicans, he said.

Hillary doesn’t have options except to attack Republicans. She can’t run on her record when even she can’t think of one thing she has accomplished other than the generic “making the world a better place.”

She  claims we need 20 more days of early voting and, Kasich is right, we don’t have it here in New York. Early voting allows for more corruption of the vote.

Hillary wants automatic registration for all Americans and claims it is a way to stop the racist GOP.

She wants 18 year olds automatically registered with an opt-out clause. She is hoping the starry-eyed young will vote for the Utopian though ineffective ideologues in the Democratic Party.

She wants automatic voter registration for all. That is a way to corrupt the vote because all those people who don’t vote will have their votes available for those who would steal the vote.

On Long Island, we have the socialists and communists in the SEIU servicing the machines. One BOE official told me that at the end of election day, they all run to the back and “do something with the machines.” Votes miraculously appear after these union workers happen to find them.

“What is happening is a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people from one end of our country to the other,” Hillary said during a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston.

She accused all Republicans of suppressing the minority vote by trying to institute photo ID laws for voting.

We need photo IDs for everything, even to take out a library book. Don’t minorities have driver’s licenses and other forms of photo ID? Is this so anathema and so bizarre a request or is it another means of corrupting the vote?

It was Hillary’s husband Bill who came up with Motor Voter laws that have left the voter rolls filled with the dead and ineligible voters.

The racism lie worked for Barack Obama but in Hillary’s case she might find that it leaves her more vulnerable to attacks. It’s such a vile attack that it leaves the opposition free to go after her.




  1. Is the real Hillary oozing to the surface as her lies and corruption catch up to her? The megalomaniacal, amoral collectivist needs to retire to the Old Commies’ Home.

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