Hillary Barely Beat an Angry Red Diaper Baby by a Coin Toss, One Candidate Called a Cheater


Update: The Sanders campaign has been informed that data from 90 precincts is missing. The DNC said they have to re-stage the event in those precincts. Hillary is only ahead by .3 percent.



There is no way Hillary can lose Iowa gracefully and it looks like she has won so slightly it couldn’t be called until Tuesday morning. Hillary won by so tiny a margin that she made history though she paraded around like a winning gladiator.

Six precincts declared Hillary a winner partly because of a coin toss. Literally, the captain flipped a coin and she did it six times and each time Hillary won the coin toss. [Did anyone check to be sure it was a two-sided coin?] It wasn’t that many votes but she needed them.

At Sanders’ campaign headquarters, Clinton’s line about being a “progressive who gets things done” elicited a chorus of boos. “She’s a liar,” supporters chanted.

They’re right about that!

Sanders had 84% of the youth and he won the Woodstock hippies.

Hillary can be seen in this tweet-photo acting as if she won before she won.


Regardless of the final results, Bernie wins. Hillary couldn’t declare victory on election night and she eked out a win with the historically tightest of margins. The radical who wants to tax and regulate us into communism now has credibility because he talked about accountability and taxing corporations into oblivion. Bernie has no legislative accomplishments and he is an economic dunce but the people of Iowa, the Democrats, lean radical socialist.

Who knew Iowa was looking to be Russia.



Huckabee said he’s suspending his campaign due to illness – the people are sick of me.

Rubio is now the establishment candidate. Carson ended a distant fourth but Bush, Kasich, Christie, Florina, Santorum are at 2% and 1%, Gilmore is at 0%. The establishment will have to get behind the candidate they believe they can manipulate.

The establishment lost because they wouldn’t deal with the issues the people care about. They preferred to go down as losers. Over 60% of the Republican party are voting for non-establishment candidates and Rubio is no sure thing.

Fox & Friends this morning was the Rubio Show even though he came in third behind the winner Cruz at 28% and Trump at 24%.

While Rubio’s numbers went up from 12% to 23%, he only soared to third place from third place. If Trump and Cruz continue to savage each other, Rubio will be the candidate.

Rubio’s only piece of legislation – the immigration bill – was a failure. That’s a lot to overcome but he is the establishment’s man this morning. That’s obvious after watching Fox. They discounted a lot of Cruz’s success by saying he was in Iowa for a year and he was in part a rejection of Trump.

If that is true, then Rubio is also an anti-Trump vote.

Fox News online called Rubio the best debater and did not have Cruz on. They had Rubio and Bush on. Ben Carson was on to call Cruz a cheater.



Carson’s campaign claimed Cruz’s team suggested at caucus sites that Carson dropped out. Emails and flyers were allegedly sent out to spread the same false rumor or suggest it.

Carson told reporters last night, “That is really quite a dirty trick. That’s the very kind of thing that irritated me enough to get into this quagmire.”

Chris Moody was tweeting that very claim but he corrected it and he is a CNN reporter, not a Cruz worker so we need to find out where he got his information.

Steve King heard the rumor and retweeted.

CNN spread the rumor. Who put out this flyer?

Trump was all over that [being such a good friend of Carson’s?] Cruz’s people say Trump was behind it.

No word out from Cruz yet. Carson might want to hold his fire until they find out who is behind it. Anyone can pass our flyers.

The full-court press will be on to promote Rubio, diminish Cruz, and act like Trump doesn’t exist.



If Trump doesn’t win in New Hampshire, Rubio will be the candidate. All the monied donors will rush to Rubio and some are already. If he is the candidate, the arguments on immigration, refugees and a number of other issues people care about will go away.

After February, it will be safe to say goodbye to Jeb, John, maybe Ben, Rand, Carly, Chris, Rick, and Jim (Gilmore) who received no votes.

Jeb Bush might try to hang in until Super Tuesday. He’s like an over-advertised, over-funded Edsel. He spent over $2,000 for every vote he got.

He appeared on Fox&Friends Tuesday morning and announced another reset. That has to be the third or fourth now? Bush declares his steady hand is needed. When asked if he’d do anything different, he couldn’t come up with a thing and he won’t look back.”Really,”  Doucy asked in surprise.


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  1. Apparently a couple of Democrat precincts didn’t report any results because no one showed up. If there was that little interest for either Hilary or Bernie it doesn’t bode well for the Dems in November.

  2. To those who do not understand human freedom or appreciate the proper function of man’s soul, the intentions of socialism sound good; Intoxicating words make perverse ideas popular, but words do not change truth. Socialism is the outright transfer of power from the individual to the State. The frustration of the malcontent are suckers/dupes for the pseudo-compassionate oratory of deceivers.

  3. This post is priceless. “Who knew Iowa was looking to be Russia.”

    You’re right about that. One top of it, the idiots can’t describe Socialism but they want it. Déjà vu

    And now Bernie trying to court the seniors? Why so he can finish off what Barack Obama started?

    Feeling bad for Gilmore. My instant reaction to his name is always, “Oh yeah, Gilmore. Is he still around?”

    And it’s only February.

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