Hillary Bashes Trump But Wait Until You Hear Why


DEM 2016 Nevada CaucusHillary, with her usual unmitigated gall, is out on the campaign trail acting as if she is the righteous candidate, the only candidate that can save our country.

The woman who has never created a job is criticizing the billionaire who has created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Truth is irrelevant.

“Because what he did for his businesses, and his workers, is nothing to brag about. In fact, it’s shameful. And every single voter in America needs to know about it, so we don’t let him do to our country what he did to his businesses,” Hillary shrieked.

To be fair, Hillary has created job openings. There is an ambassadorship in Libya and a tech job there as well.

Trump has been live-tweeting. His points might make more sense to you than hers.