Hillary Bashes Trump’s UN Speech as “Dark”, “Dangerous”, Trump Responds


Stephen Colbert interviewed Hillary Clinton last night. He began by asking Clinton about calls that she “go away”, pointing out that her presence on the media circuit rallies Republicans in opposition to her.

“Well, you know, if they’d take up a collection and send me somewhere really nice … I might consider it,” Clinton joked.

We hear the collections have begun to send her to Libya.

Colbert then pressed Clinton on her thoughts about Russian interference in the election. That led to her blaming Russia for her election loss again.

Clinton also offered her thoughts on Trump’s UN speech.

“I thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering,” she said.

[It was very pro-America, not her thing at all]

President Trump responded in tweets.

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