Hillary Bragged About Her Failed Counter Terror Program During Her Foreign Policy Speech


Hillary the Queen

A new poll found that only 20% of the country thinks we are on the right track and 57% disapprove of Obama’s foreign policy. That might be a problem for Hillary since her policy is a carbon copy of Obama’s.

If Hillary wins, I hope you are prepared for four more years of the hell Obama has wrought. Her foreign policy for example is Barack Obama’s. That was clear during her speech today. You won’t be able to criticize her any more than you criticized Obama because if you do, you’re a misogynist.

Josh Earnest was asked about it Tuesday. Is she Obama 2.0, Josh was asked.

Earnest replied: “Having served as president’s secretary of state during his first term in office, after your careful review, you determine their approach to a large number of foreign policy issues is at least similar. She has a well-earned reputation as an independent thinker and so I’m confident there are probably some areas where she would disagree with the president.”

Not many.

She came up with nothing about how she would defeat ISIS and she doesn’t want anyone to say anything bad about Muslims.

She bragged about her interagency center to combat violent terrorist messages Tuesday. Meanwhile it was a failed program.

Josh Earnest said on the 3rd of this month that it was doomed from the start – that was just common sense. The State Department determined that it was unsuccessful, should not be continued, because it is not considered a trusted origination of a message.

The conclusion was that the US government isn’t an effective force in countering radical Islamist recruiters. Yet, she bragged about it.


Hillary was after guns again during today’s speech. She said we shouldn’t let terrorists buy guns online or at gun shows.

The terrorists didn’t buy guns at either place. She thinks she can make it harder for terrorists to get guns but she doesn’t make an ounce of sense.


Bowe Bergdahl who is a deserter and who now faces life in prison was traded for five vicious Taliban-Al Qaeda top operatives. The trade was bizarre at best.

Hillary defended the exchange. She said, “This young man, whatever the circumstances, was an American citizen-is an American citizen-was serving in our military. The idea that you really care for your own citizens and particularly those in uniform, I think this is a very noble one.”

Meanwhile we have a soldier in captivity, being tortured, with other Americans in Iran, and no one gives a hoot. These people are such phonies.

If you want Obama re-elected, Hillary is the closest you will ever get.

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