Hillary & Chelsea plan a film & TV company to change the culture


Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea plan to start their own feminist Hollywood production company to influence culture and society. Who better than Hillary who thinks half the country are deplorables?

Look what she has done with both so far — trashing the character of women accusing Bill of rape or molestation, lying to the families of murdered men left to die in Benghazi, and magically making her government emails disappear with the latest devices like hammers — poof!

The Obamas already struck a deal with Netflix to develop shows for the streaming platform. They also formed a production company, Higher Ground Productions [higher ground?].

Speaking last year at a Las Vegas tech conference hosted by cybersecurity company Okta, Obama said he wanted to partner with Netflix to help “train the next generation of leaders.”

That’s not good since he’s a terrible leader and embraces a very far-left ideology.

Hillary and her daughter Chelsea are following in the Obama’s footsteps, starting their own production company to “use film and television to influence culture and society,” according to Bloomberg.

Isn’t that great? We can never have too much left-wing content, even though we are buried in it now.

They plan to focus on stories by and about women. We don’t have enough of that either?

Hillary Clinton previously signed on to help produce a TV show with Steven Spielberg. That series, “The Woman’s Hour,” is an adaptation of a book about activists who fought to earn women the right to vote.

“Perhaps she’ll develop a series on how empowered women can rise to such power in America that they can circumvent laws regarding classified information, ignore Congressional subpoenas, use “bleachbit” and physical hammers to destroy evidence in a criminal investigation, and participate in highly unethical regime change – while getting away scot free!” commented Zero Hedge.

What happened to the Clinton Foundation? Does that become her film and TV charity?

There goes the golden age of TV.

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