Hillary Clinton – An Empty Pant Suit



Hillary has kicked off her campaign as the “champion” of the little people. It’s unclear what she has ever done for the little person so far.

The propaganda for her mission via The NY Times is:

“Our purpose: To give every family, every small business, and every American a path to lasting prosperity by electing Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.”

In a sentence freighted [love that propagandized word “freighted”] with significance, the memo continues: “This campaign is not about Hillary Clinton and not about us — it’s about the everyday Americans who are trying to build a better life for themselves and their families.”

She plans to have $3.2 billion to fund her presidential run since she can’t just skip right to the coronation. I thought she was poor.

MSNBC said her Ready for Hillary group has to change their name to omit references to the candidate to comply with tax laws, not that they’d have to worry since they’re not targeted by the IRS.

The new name, according to MSNBC, is simply Ready PAC. I went to Ready PAC and found a company that sells “salad bowls to go” and packages of fruit for the busy person. They might want to change their name again.

She has numerous campaign sites and she’s on Twitter and Facebook.

Everyday seniors, Hispanics and LGBTs are in her campaign video.

She plans to dispel the notion that she’s a cold, arrogant opportunist with this line:

“We are humble: we take nothing for granted, we are never afraid to lose, we always out-compete and fight for every vote we can win.”

I’ve translated all that here for you.

Campaign slogan: I’ve been down on the floor and no one’s gonna keep me down again. Yes, I’ve paid the price, I can do anything. I am strong. I am invincible. Men can’t break me because it only helps me to achieve my final goal. My server is wiped clean. I take bribes from dangerous foreign countries. I am woman. [Yes, it’s been put to song already, at least most of it.]

Fashion history: From hairbands to pant suits, I am woman.

Employment history: Started out working for a communist law firm and I was the only one in the world who didn’t notice they were communists defending other communists and Black Panther murderers. Graduated to taking on the case of at least one pedophile rapist, winning by damaging the reputation of the child victim. Gained experience as the wife of a president. Passed a couple bills naming post offices as a NY senator but have basically been considered an empty pant suit by such liberal publications as HuffPo and DailyKos. Achieved my greatest fame for the murders of four people in Benghazi in an unprotected consulate.

Education: Went to Ivy League schools where I went from being a Goldwater Republican to a leftist espousing Alinsky tactics and admiring Marxist/Maoist Carl Oglesby, who wrote one of my favorite essays excoriating the traditional family and men.

Qualifications: I am woman.

Place of Birth: Everywhere, USA

Goal in Life: Fighting for the common everyday person except for middle-aged white men and conservatives.

Greatest Love: Wealth redistribution

Why I’m running: Because I want fame and power and I’m next.

Worst Fears: Afraid of falling because they’re is something wrong with my head. I fear becoming poor. I am also afraid that Bill’s mistresses will get on page one of the NY Daily News.

What I like about Barack Obama’s Platform: Everything.

Will I Be Transparent: No.

What Does My Logo Represent? A Hospital ER.

What I Will Do With My $3 Billion: Buy my rightful place as Queen, uh, I mean President.

My Favorite Quote: Is that a bat?, “What difference at this point does it make?” and “I remember landing under sniper fire. We were basically told to run to our cars. That’s what happened.”

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