Hillary Clinton Email Exposes the Perverse Nature of Her Chosen Allies


Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails includes a memo sent by David Brock titled, “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.” It shows Brock’s character which fluctuates somewhere between a sinkhole and a gutter. This is the man she chooses to work with and we can expect him to be an important contributor to her administration should she be elected.


The memo suggests that Clinton or her closest aides wanted to impeach Thomas.

Let’s face it, this would leave an opening for a Progressive and garner a lot of negative propaganda against Republicans.

Clarence Thomas

Hillary and her inner circle aren’t believable as guardians of the moral character. She has never come out against the husband of her aide Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, who Donald Trump calls a “sleaze bag perv.” Weiner was sending photos of his Johnson to young girls on Twitter along with other inappropriate photos and messages while his wife was pregnant.

Then there is her husband’s behavior. He of course is abusive of women and has been accused of rape.

David Brock

The document includes information from Brock’s book, The Real Anita Hill.

In the email, it’s clear that Brock himself tried to intimidate a potential witness.

Colleague Kaye Savage was referenced in the email:

“Reached at home in Washington last night, Ms. Savage said that Mr. Brock had tried to intimidate her but that he had not told her the source of the negative information.”

Brock says with conceit,  “journalistic sleight-of-hand involving a written statement Savage had given me under duress” as if that were a good thing.

(Personal note: Though I confronted Savage with the information in an effort to get her to recant, she never did, although I made it appear otherwise by journalistic sleight-of-hand involving a written statement Savage had given me under duress about her interviews with Mayer and Abramson in my Spectator review).

Brock included the following. Ms. Savage spoke to a law professor at American University after her encounter with Mr. Brock:

“She was distraught and said Brock was threatening to reveal damaging information about her from a divorce situation unless she agreed to retract everything she had said to the authors of Strange Justice, he said in an interview. ‘I told her this is a clear violation of journalistic ethics and might be blackmail and that she shouldn’t give in to it. She was beside herself because she had told the truth.”

Brock concluded in the memo:

“And let’s face it, the Supreme Court these are life-time appointments. We are sitting here with a Supreme Court that elected this president by a five to four decision, but a Supreme Court that could reverse Roe v Wade and many many serious things affecting women…”

Nothing can ever happen naturally with politicians. There always has to be manipulation and a path to getting the upper hand. Nothing is real. It’s a way of leaving the American people out of all decisions. A small group of elites are making all the decisions for us.

David Brock, who can’t even measure up to tabloid journalists, is running the tax-exempt propaganda outlet, Media Matters. We subsidize his Soviet-style operation. He famously declared a War on Fox because he’s a totalitarian who wants to silence all dissent.

Media Matters has worked in close collaboration with the Obama administration.

As for any evidence of Justice Thomas having a corrupt character or not, the truth won’t ever come from these people. They attacked Herman Cain the same way Justice Thomas has been attacked. There is no vicious attack or deceit they won’t engage in.

After he bragged about his underhanded journalistic techniques, he proudly included this comment from a New York Times reporter:

Frank Rich, NYT (12-29-94): “This time Mr. Brock’s partisan desperation has led him to a tactic that is beyond the pale of even tabloid journalism and that would make any citizen think twice before speaking freely to any journalist: He tried to bully a source in Strange Justice, a one-time Hill and Thomas associate named Kaye Savage, to get her to sign a statement denying her own contribution to the book.”

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