Hillary Clinton Is “Not There” Of Course


Hillary pumpkin

Hillary Clinton posted a new avatar on her Twitter page to bring attention to her “not there” campaign which says women are “not there” yet when it comes to gender equality. You know what else is “not there”? Her emails and any documents that tell us what went on when she was Secretary of State.

The “not there” link takes one to an extremely boring and meaningless video bemoaning the plight of women who are “not there” yet. It also has data and such to bolster what will be one of her campaign mantras. It’s a gimmick.

Hillary is going to get us there? Doubt it.

I wonder what Ambassador Stevens would think about her being “not there.”

You know what else is not there? Thousands of her emails and texts. Trey Gowdy was on Face the Nation this morning and said that there are huge gaps of weeks and months in the emails she’s turned over. Shocker!

This is her new pic.

Hillary Not There

This is her old avatar:

Hillary's old avatar

She might want to stop complimenting herself for being a pantsuit aficionado.



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