Hillary Clinton on the lies you can’t deny


The Constitution says three things about the responsibility of the federal government:

A). National defense is the priority job of the national government.

B). The only substantive function of government specifically assigned to the President relates to national security and foreign policy, and the first such responsibility granted him is authority to command the military; he is the “Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.”

C). National defense is the only mandatory function of the national government.

National Defense is the ONLY mandatory function of the national government!!! Defending our Nation is job one.

Hillary’s “mishap” with her emails has left the security of our nation in grave danger.

Furthermore, the hacking of her unsecured emails reveals that she is not responsible enough to rule the greatest nation in the world. Clinton had repeatedly said she did not have any classified emails on her server, but the results of the FBI investigation show that claim was incorrect. Not only has she put the security of our country at risk but she actually lied about the circumstances.

Please refer to the primary job of our government – Protect our national security! If she is so “careless” about her classified emails, how is she going to protect America?

If she gets elected, our family’s safety will depend on a woman who refused to send help to the four Americans who called for help for 13 hours straight in Benghazi???

At every press conference, she lied to the public that the cause of death to these four men was due to an anti-Islamic video; she paid the killers a hefty “apology” fee with our tax dollars and when the truth was discovered, she proclaimed “what difference does it make”.

This was Hillary Clintons response to Chris Steven’s request for help, as quoted in a Breitbart article.

Hillary said that when Stevens sent an email asking about whether the Benghazi compound would be closed, he was just being a sly jokester.

She said, “One of the great attributes that Chris Stevens had was a really good sense of humor, and I just see him smiling as he’s typing this because it’s clearly in response to the email down below talking about picking up a few ‘fire sale items from the Brits.’” When told that those “fire sale items” were security barricades, Hillary answered, “Well, I thought it showed their entrepreneurial spirit.”

First she lied that she knew nothing about the fact that they were in danger, then when they were killed, she lied about the circumstance under which they died and then tried to brush it off as “a joke”. Are you going to trust someone like her to protect your family?

People judge others by their “track-record”. Hillary Clinton has already been proven to be a liar and has lived a life of corruption. Yet her supporters seem “fine” with her lack of integrity. She doesn’t have any credibility, and as a Presidential candidate, she is under FBI investigation. How can someone with her history of corruption and lies run for office let alone be trusted to hold the highest office in the land?

If elected, she has already promised to raise the taxes by more than one trillion dollars and then stated that won’t be enough money to pay for the “welfare” programs she wants to implement.

Our financial obligations to other nations grows higher every day and this leaves our Nation teetering on a fragile foundation. Higher debt means our Nation is in jeopardy of collapse. Again, it is irresponsible to even consider raising the national debt by another trillion dollars when our debt is already over 20 trillion dollars !

To add to our climbing debt, Clinton supports “comprehensive immigration reform”. According to her website, this means full citizenship for illegal immigrants, which would give them welfare access, voting privileges, and the ability to bring over their family members through chain migration.

Dismantling our borders is also a threat to the security of our Nation. If we have no borders; then we don’t have a country. We already have an immigration law that works.

It requires immigrants go through a medical check, a background check and having a sponsor. It does not mean jumping the fence and getting rewarded for it!

Hillary supports the Dream act, which means that American taxpayers have to pay for a college education for those who broke the law to come here. American taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for people who came here illegally. How is this going to help American taxpayers pay down our national debt?

If paying for illegals isn’t bad enough, Hillary is deliberately flooding America with unvetted Syrian “refugees”. Do you invite strangers into your home or do you wait to get to know them first before you would even consider exposing them to your family? So why is Hillary bringing in people we know nothing about? Hillary claims she will “vet” these people, but there are many experts who are in disagreement with her on how this can be accomplished.

Hillary Clinton claims she is for the “women of America”, but come this September she will eagerly welcome 65,000 strangers into your home! In fact, she wants to increase that number by 550%! I think the raped and sexually molested women of France, London, Sweden and Germany will tell you that just maybe this isn’t such a great idea.

Seems to me she is more concerned about everyone else except the American people.

Even her campaign slogan is based on a lie. How can she be “fighting for us”, when she supports open borders, flooding America with strangers, sends unsecured emails and cripples American taxpayers by raising the national debt?

Apparently Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand that the number one job of the President of the United States is to protect America first and foremost.

Our first President, George Washington, said he could never tell a lie. Will the 45th President be known as the President who could never speak the truth?



  1. The polls show that many people don’t trust her. So how can she be leading in the polls? Who would vote for someone they can’t even trust !

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