Hillary Clinton Prepares Second First Big Campaign Event Since the First Flopped



She already did this. She announced on Twitter and began her famous Scooby road trip to Iowa on behalf of the common folk she championed. We will take you back in time to that fateful week in April when she got caught speaking to non-common folk and evading reporters.

The lame announcement, pretending to be an everyday kind a gal.

She then traveled up to New Hampshire for staged appearances in what she called her Scooby van.Hillary-in-her-mystery-machine-400x224 The hordes of reporters ran behind her Scooby van like Rottweilers in heat.

She wouldn’t talk to the media.

While the trip was unnoticed except for episodes like the Running of the Reporters, she was said to be electrifying.

Hillary appears to have taken a handicapped spot, but she is entitled.

She didn’t tip at the Chipotle she happened upon. Chipotle also happens to be a Hillary donor.

She makes $91 a second while demonizing the rich.

As she travels, she is a-flipping and a-flopping. When Democrats do it, it’s “they’re evolving” but when Republicans do it, “they’re flip-flopping.” Get the lingo straight.

The economy can’t be trickle down, but education must be. Education is a “non-family enterprise”, she said. She dismissed objections to Common Core, saying opponents just “do not understand the value” of top-down curricula.  We’re such dopes.

As usual, she spends time with the common folk she champions.

That free speech thingy has got to stop.

Mingling with the common folk.

She’s worried about campaign finance reform.

It doesn’t take a genealogist to know that all her grandparents weren’t immigrants.

But she has a lot of followers.

The support for her is overwhelming, probably because she’s electrifying..

This road trip is starting to look like her book tour.

She’s just like all the other Americans.

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