Hillary Clinton Says She Would Run! There Is One Condition


Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton has privately said in recent weeks she would consider entering the Democratic primary if she saw a scenario in which she could win, The New York Times reports.

This came in a Times report about Democrats worrying whether the candidates they have in the 2020 race can beat President Trump.

Both Hillary Clinton and Mike Bloomberg have said they would be interested if they see a path in which they can win.

Well, they can’t win, so that’s that.

Hillary still thinks she won in 2016. The reason she’s not in the Oval Office is voter suppression in Wisconsin and, by the way, Stacy Abrams really won too. Those are two of the many comments she made while on her book tour with her daughter Chelsea. They wrote a book together.

The mentally tortured former candidate also blamed systemic sexism and implicit bias for her failure to win in 2016.

Hillary also says the Russians “conducted a sweeping and systematic attack on our election” to help Trump win over her in 2016. Then, she said, it was Facebook’s fault for leaving damaging information up on their platform.

There was a lot of damaging information about Donald Trump also. Is Facebook responsible for taking that down too?



  1. Calling Hillary Clinton a “prostitute of terrorism”, and or perhaps, even a full-time “whore of mohammed” is considered by her as a systematic attack exclusively to help Donald John Trump win over her back in 2016 while she blamed the Facebook for not removing facts and truth that could be damaging her integrity and notorious decency, just like a muslim religious terrorist and democrat registered such such as Omar Mateen himself, who murdered 49 Gays at the Pulse Nightclub located in Orlando, and then 10 days later Omar Mateen’s father attended a rally for Hillary Clinton in Kissimmee as VIP Guest.

    Just trust me when I say this, because Hillary Rotten Clinton can take her vision of vote suppression and systemic sexism attack and go straight fuck herself in a 220 volts russian-bathtub.

  2. She is just another typical democrat. When things don’t go their way, it’s always someone elses fault. They won’t take responsibility for anything, unless it’s positive.

  3. you will NEVER be president, you old hag…NOBODY likes you…you are a corrupt, lying, cheating…you are untrustworthy, full of lies and deceits, hopefully everyone will know this

  4. Go take your conspiracy theories and do your spaz out, lurch around thing, in an old folks home. Maybe they can get you on the right meds, or something.

  5. Trump, is the most corrupt politician to ever been in the WH, nothing but a crook and con artist, and you’re a dumb ass to be kissing his Ass, Ass.

    • Donald Trump is NOT a politician, he is a successful builder and has done more for the American People than the last three presidents.
      In regards to corruption, HRC is probably the most corrupt, unethical, deceitful, despicable whore the world has ever known. Broke leaving the WH and now billionaires, hihi hahah you fool

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