Hillary Clinton Undermines the President and the Nation in Melbourne


Hillary Clinton was in Melbourne on Friday blaming her election loss on sexism, but that wasn’t the focus of her message. She spent most of her time sabotaging the foreign policy of the United States in these dangerous times. She undermined the President, particularly over his nuking of the Iran ‘deal’.

Clinton Made the World Less Safe

It is ironic given her foreign diplomacy and that of Obama’s was an abysmal failure. The Iranians have been using the cash they acquired from trade to increase their sponsorship of terrorism throughout the world and to expand their ICBM program.

Giving pallets of cash and gold to the Ayatollah, a terrorist, made us their abettors. Appeasing North Korea allowed them to get to the doorstep of nuclear war.

Clinton said the world is less safe but it was she who destroyed Libya and made it into a cradle of terrorism. It was Hillary who launched the reset and together, with Barack Obama, gave Russia all they wanted beyond their wildest dreams.

The former secretary of state is overseas partly engaging in group therapy over her election loss. But she is also using the platform to diminish the President of the United States. This is as he tries to negotiate over Iran and with North Korea. Consequently, she is diminishing the United States for her own selfish purposes.

She and Stormy are the Democratic Party today.

The Democratic platform is trash the President, raise taxes, increase spending and welfare, appease terrorists, and promote open borders. Open borders is their ticket to a permanent electoral majority.


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