Hillary Clinton Will Be Deleted from the Texas History Curriculum


Hillary Clinton could soon disappear from the history curriculum in Texas along with leftist blind-deaf woman Helen Keller. Barry Goldwater was removed and Billy Graham was added back in.

The board feels the children have to learn too many historical figures so they don’t need to learn about Hillary.

The vote is preliminary and a final vote on the change will take place in November.

It only eliminates the mandate to teach about Hillary and others. Teachers can still include her in their instruction.


The Texas state board of education voted Friday to remove the former Democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state from the history curriculum, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Hillary was in the section about citizenship.

The reason for the changes according to the board is the children have too many historical figures to learn and they end up falling back on rote memorization.

The board also voted to add back into the curriculum a reference to the “heroism” of the defenders of the Alamo, which had been recommended for elimination, as well as Moses’ influence on the writing of the founding documents, multiple references to “Judeo-Christian” values and a requirement that students explain how the “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict” in the Middle East.

There’s definitely a theme here.

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