Hillary Clinton’s Fantasy Tour Through Iowa


Hillary Clinton is a compulsive liar. She can’t help herself, she’s not in the least embarrassed by it, and the media covers it up. Just what we need in the White House.

Buzzfeed reported that on Wednesday, she told Iowans that, “All my grandparents, you know, came over here and you know my grandfather went to work in lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and worked there until he retired at 65. He started there when he was a teenager and just kept going,” Clinton said.

In fact, only her grandfather was an immigrant. All the rest came over in the 1880s.

Her campaign’s response?

“Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result she has always thought of them as immigrants,” a spokesperson says.

Let’s hope she doesn’t think of herself as Marie Antoinette.

When she’s not lying, she’s staging. Her visit to a LeClaire, Iowa coffee shop on Tuesday was staged according to Austin Bird who sat at the table with Mrs. Clinton.


Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Austin Bird is a healthcare lobbyist in training, an Obama campaign intern and Biden chauffeur.

The other two at the “meeting” were University of Iowa College Democrats president Carter Bell and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland employee Sara Sedlacek.

News reports said Bird was a student and the Clinton campaign said it was an unscripted event with “ordinary” Iowans.

This is supposed to be her champion of the common man campaign tour.

The people were driven to the unscripted event by Clinton’s Iowa director Troy Price. Bird thought he was going to a strategy meeting.

On Monday, she railed against high-paid CEOs.

It’s simply astonishing that she could run on getting big money out of politics, Charles Krauthammer correctly pointed out. “She has such an inauthenticity problem,” he added.


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