Hillary Clinton’s Libya – Benghazi Emails Hacked, Sent to Congress – Update



Update: 21:00: Click this link for Russia Today to read the alleged emails that were hacked from the account of Hillary Clinton’s aide, Sidney Blumenthal.

In the memo sent hours after the attack, it appears that Hillary Clinton was sent disinformation about the attack being the result of the anti-Mohammed film.

A memo dated February 16, 2013 draws possible connections between the Benghazi assault and the January 2013 hostage crisis in In Amenas, Algeria near the Libyan border.

Original Story: 07:08: The administration might not want people to know what went on in Benghazi but they might not have any choice. Confidential memos sent to Hillary Clinton and saved to the AOL email account of a former White House aide, Sidney Blumenthal, have been hacked.

Five of the memos on Libya and the Benghazi attack are being distributed to hundreds of people, including congressional aides, political figures and journalists worldwide.

The time stamp is the day after Benghazi.

The hacker, Guccifer, has been attacking many notables including the Bush family, Colin Powell and a UN member.

If Congress uses emails from a hacker who is breaking the law, it could be problematic.

This attack happened last Thursday and the journalists have been absolutely silent.

The hacker sorted the emails, removed attachments, copied the text from the emails into new files, made screen grabs of the files and forwarded them in comic sans font with a pink background. He sent them from the hacked account of a Hollywood actor.

Two most recent IP addresses Guccifer has used are from the Russian Federation, which could mean nothing though he did send the emails to a number of Russian outlets.

Full story at the smoking gun

Hillary Clinton was sent a cable three weeks before the Benghazi attack notifying her that the consulate was surrounded by Islamist radicals and could not withstand an attack but she claimed she didn’t read it. Will the hacked emails tell a different story?:


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