Hillary Clinton’s Lifelong Romance with Marxism



This is a political profile of the woman who would be president; a woman with the chutzpah to use as her slogan, “Hillary for America,” when all her life she’s worked against America. This is a time for American voters to awake from the slumber that allowed Barack Obama to become president, for Hillary Clinton will carry out, and perhaps complete his work to dismantle our nation.


Clinton has been a far-left true believer since her youth

In a profile of Hillary Clinton, DiscoverTheNetworks.org reveals that she was raised in a “solidly Republican suburb of Chicago, and supported Barry Goldwater in 1964,” when she was just turning 18. The next year, she enrolled in Wellesley, where she was subject to radical influences that altered her political views forever. This was a period when the air was thick with talk of anti-war protests, radicalism and the Black Panthers.

DiscoverTheNetworks.com and Frontpagemag.com are the work of David Horowitz, a red-diaper baby, raised by Communists, who lived as a sixties radical. After seeing a young woman he had recommended for a job with the Black Panthers brutally murdered, he became disillusioned by the Left. Since the 1980s, he’s fought the Left as only someone who truly understands them can.

To begin understanding the Left, we have to recognize what they really think of America, and what their partners, the Islamists think of America. Jamie Glazov, Frontpage Magazine’s editor puts it this way:

For the Left, America is the hated seat of global capitalism and individualism. For Islamists, America is the hated seat of Western values, a bulwark against the global domination of Islam, and a wellspring of spiritual iniquity. Consequently, these two destructive movements have a shared conception of, and contempt for, the “Great Satan” — America — which they identify as the primary source of evil in the world. They find common ground in their desire to annihilate or “fundamentally transform” it.

We must keep firmly in mind that the far Left, Communists—whatever you wish to call them—are enemies of America. They seek its destruction.

The profile describes how Hillary, at 19 was “profoundly moved by a 1966 article titled ‘Change or Containment,’ which appeared in a magazine for college-age Methodists. Authored by the Marxist/Maoist theoretician Carl Oglesby, … a leader of the Students for a Democratic Society, this piece defended Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Maoist tactics of violence… That’s all part of class struggle. Its central theme was that American capitalism was inherently inequitable and oppressive.”

“During her years as First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Clinton would tell a Newsweek reporter that she still treasured the Oglesby piece.”


Hillary writes thesis on Alinsky

Clinton wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky and became friendly with him, having met with him several times to interview him for the paper. She was a “great admirer of Alinsky’s activist tactics.” In a separate piece DTN revealed that “Hillary had one difference with Alinsky: she did not believe street demonstrations were effective avenues to promote their shared, far-Left values. Instead, she affirmed her commitment to working ‘inside the system,’ because she believed all change came about only by acquiring political power.”


Communist influences in her law school years

At Yale Law School, she fell under the influence of far-left professor Thomas Emerson (AKA “Tommy the Commie.”). In 1972, she travelled 3,000 miles to intern at the law firm of Treuhaft, Walker, and Bernstein, cofounded by Bob Treuhaft, head of the California Communist Party. The firm had “long acted as a legal asset … for the CPUSA”

According to historian Stephen Schwartz, ‘Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB.’” She “lear[ned] at the feet of Treuhaft,” said DTN.


Ties with “Marxist” Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)

DTN : “In the early 1970s, Hillary developed a close acquaintanceship with Robert Borosage, who would later become a major figure in such leftist organizations as the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)…. Hillary herself (along with Bill Clinton) would go on to develop close political ties with IPS; moreover, she would give that organization a great deal of money to further its cause.”

DTN quotes a Capital Research Center (CRC) analysis, that “IPS holds a ‘political outlook’ that is ‘classically Marxist’ and portrays capitalism as the chief cause of human suffering not only in the U.S. but worldwide.”

“‘Since its founding …,’ CRC elaborates, ‘IPS has attacked capitalism as the scourge of the poor, the economic system that props up the nation-state, and the cause of war and ‘imperialism.’”

“IPS … evolved into the leading central agency of Soviet/Marxist/socialist disinformation. It portrays capitalism as the chief cause of human suffering. It “worked with agents of the Castro regime.… held [and still holds] seminars designed to persuade U.S. congressmen and their staffs to support pro-Soviet and socialist policies….”

What IPS was designed to bring about is tension. What that means is quoted by the Heritage Foundation from a 1968 article by the uber-radical Arthur Waskow, a leader of IPS:

“The result of this ‘tension’ will be, in Waskow’s view, what he calls ‘creative disorder.’ This creative disorder can be used to aid in the development of revolution, hopefully on an international scale.”

DiscoverTheNetworks reveals that during the Reagan Administration, “12 U.S. senators and 70 members of the House of Representatives signed a letter to then-Secretary of State George Shultz describing IPS as an organization “which has for 20 years consistently supported foreign policy objectives that serve the interests of the Soviet Union.”

A small selection of Bill Clinton’s appointees with links to IPS, or Marxism:

“Anthony Lake, Clinton’s one-time National Security Advisor, was once an IPS instructor.” —Free Republic

“Clinton’s appointment of Derek Shearer as his top economic advisor was no fluke. Shearer’s sister, Brooke, is Hillary’s traveling companion. … Clinton’s close friend Derek Shearer has not only been a member of the subversive IPS, but is also a prolific advocate of Marxist socialism” —Devvy Kidd’s NewsWithViews.com

“Edward Feighan [D-OH, Ret] was Clinton’s campaign Communications Director. Feighan has ties to IPS and various other Marxist entities through the Center for Developmental [CDP] and the North American Congress on Latin America [NACLA].” —NewsWithViews.com

“Clinton appointee Timothy Wirth is such an ardent supporter of IPS, that he helped IPS throw a 20th anniversary fund raising party for itself.” —NewsWithViews.com

“Les Aspin [deceased], Leon Panetta, Morton Halperin [KGB agent and spy, Philip Agee’s lawyer] – all Clinton appointees, cronies and dear friends. All, without question, based on their own activities, alliances and words, ardent supporters of Marxism.” —NewsWithViews.com

David Mark Price wrote a detailed 50-page analysis of the IPS and the Clintons’ involvement with it. It’s titled SECRET. It contains “photocopied FBI documents and Communist Party materials.” The author said: SECRET required thousands of hours of research, composition and editing to prepare.” SECRET is out of print. But here are some quotes, courtesy of Devvy Kidd’s NewsWithViews.com:

IPS has firm ties to anti-American terrorists and militant Marxists worldwide; and IPS has firm ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton also. Accordingly, concern over the Clinton’s ties to IPS personnel were voiced by Rush Limbaugh, Donald McAlvany, Daniel Wattenberg and William F. Buckley, Jr. prior to the 1992 election – and for good reason.

DTN describes the IPS as “the leading central agency of Soviet/Marxist/socialist disinformation.”

“Notably, Hillary Clinton [in the 2000 U.S. Senate race in NY] ran on the tickets of both the Democratic Party and the far-left Working Families Party (WFP), which was closely allied with ACORN.” —DTN


Clinton worked with Soros for some 20 years

Soros apparently believed Hillary would have been leaned even further left as president than Obama had done:

The Hill reported that “George Soros… told a close Hillary Clinton ally that he regretted supporting President Obama over her in the 2008 Democratic primary, according to an email released Thursday by the State Department.

“Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden said in a May 2012 email to Clinton that Soros made the admission to her during a dinner.”

“‘He said he’s been impressed that he can always call/meet with you on an issue of policy’…. He then extolled his work with you from your time as First Lady on.”

If we elect Clinton, we’ll be putting a woman into the White House who has worked against America since her youth, a woman whom George Soros backs for the job.


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