Hillary Clinton’s New CBS Show Is a Hit


Madame Secretary is a CBS hit! It drew almost 15 million people who will be brainwashed into thinking the star, Téa Leoni, is representative of that amazing Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, most famous for giving inadequate security to our service people and diplomats in Benghazi.

The station describes it like this: “In Madam Secretary, Téa Leoni plays Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst who becomes the shrewd, determined, newly appointed Secretary of State, driving international diplomacy, battling office politics, and circumventing protocol as she negotiates global and domestic issues both at the White House and at home.”

Is that not Hillary or what?

The show should cost about $100 million according to Front Page Magazine, double the cost of all her ads combined. It will do more for her than her book, Hard Choices which will never make enough sales to cover the advance in this decade.

You can go to Amazon and read the first 30 pages which is meant to entice you into buying the book. It more likely won’t.

When she appeared on Long Island to hawk her book, she wouldn’t deign to give the Newsday reporter an interview or even a quote. He decided to go across the street and ask the protesters what they thought of her instead.

The show was set to be launched just before Benghazi and was shelved.

Hillary needs a new persona. She’s remarkably less appealing than her husband Bill. Maybe Téa can pull it off.

If you think this is government propaganda, you’d be right. CBS has been an arm of the top government officials since Obama became president.

The Huffington Post describes Madam Secretary as “contrived, predictable and seemingly allergic to ambiguity and subtext.”

Why shouldn’t the show mimic Hillary?

Hillary t-shirts and coffee cups can’t be far behind.

How would you like this mug on your mug?


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