Hillary Clinton Could Have a Syndrome Judging from Her Speech in Alabama


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In a speech in Alabama, Hillary spoke with a slight southern drawl for her Alabama audience Saturday. She railed about the Voting Rights Act which was ended by SCOTUS, not the GOP. She could have FAS which we explain at the end of this article.

The Alabama legislature cut $11 million from their budget which resulted in the potential closing of 5 parks and 31 driver’s license offices throughout the state. When Democrats yelled voter suppression, Alabama legislators said they would keep the DMV’s open one day a month. They do have a year to get an ID.

Last year, Alabama required IDs to vote.

Democrats are so bigoted that they think blacks and other minorities aren’t capable of obtaining a driver’s license or an ID.

Employing just enough southern accent, Hillary slammed the GOP for the cuts in Alabama, sounding shrill and nearly hysterical by the end of the tape below.

Hyperbolically, she called it “a blast from the Jim Crow past.” Insisting her GOP rivals who think the Voting Rights Act is unnecessary are trying to suppress black votes, she asked, “What part of democracy are these Republicans so afraid of?”

Rep. Terri Sewell, the only Democrat and only black member of Alabama’s delegation to the US Congress, has called for a Federal investigation.

The woman who seems to have no moral core and flip flops on core moral issues said that the Governor Robert Bentley should “not only to listen to [his] constituents but listen to [his] conscience” and reverse the decision.

Clinton has proposed creating an automatic voter registration system that registers all 18-year-olds along with setting a nationwide standard of 20 days of early, in-person voting.

That would be sure-fire way to ensure voter fraud. Demanding no IDs for voting or even registration has long been a bumper sticker for Democrats but that robs other Americans of their vote. Democrats like to say there is no voter fraud. Most people don’t believe that, however, it’s hard to get evidence to prove it. Even so, it’s irrelevant. we need IDs to take out a library book. This requirement stands on principle alone.

According to the Census report, 66.2 percent of eligible blacks voted in the 2012 election, compared with 64.1 percent of eligible non-Hispanic whites. An estimated two million fewer white Americans voted in 2012 than in 2008, just as about 1.8 million more blacks went to the polls, more than 90 percent of them voting to re-elect President Obama, exit polls showed.

“In 2008, we changed the guard. In 2012, we guard the change,” said Michael Blake, who ran the Obama campaign’s effort to reach out to black and minority voters, Operation Vote.

Hispanics lag but that’s because they choose to. More voted in the last election than in 2008.

Whites seem very willing to give up their votes and minorities aren’t. When they want to vote, they do. Good for them.


She had a drawl in 2007 and on a number of other occasions. Maybe she has Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) which is one of those rare psychological disorders whose name literally describes the disease. People with FAS suddenly start speaking with foreign accents.

If she doesn’t have a medical condition, it could be to gain attention or take on a new and more glamorous identity. It couldn’t be for political reasons, could it? She might need her brain examined or some speech therapy. I’m just sayin’.



  1. Actually, in Hill’s case, the Foreign Accent Syndrome, goes hand in hand with FOSS. The latter would be the Full of Shxx Syndrome.

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