Hillary-Cohen Lawyer Lanny Davis Is Handsomely Paid by Putin’s Friend


Clinton mob lawyer and spin doctor Lanny Davis was hired to represent Michael Cohen who once served as Trump’s personal attorney. Cohen recently accepted a deal of up to five years in prison on an eight-count indictment out of the Southern District of New York. Davis has a vested interest in destroying the Trump presidency as Clinton’s good friend and advisor.

His new client Michael Cohen agreed to turn on Donald Trump and implicate him in a campaign finance beef. This is probably going to tie into Mueller’s so-called Russia probe.

Ironically, Davis has been taking a big paycheck from a Ukrainian oligarch who is closely connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Reporter Jordan Schachtel of CRTV checked Davis’s firm’s FARA records and the firm is a registered and active foreign agent for Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash, a close ally of Putin’s.

Firtash is wanted by law enforcement in the United States. Lanny Davis is attempting to stop extradition proceedings on him over a project in India. Firtash was paid but never completed the work.

It is confirmed that although Davis’s law firm is named as the agent, Davis is the man running the show.

He’s the oligarch’s primary lobbyist.

In another sketchy development reported by a Ukrainian news site, Davis was wired $80,000 from Firtash just two weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

There truly is a lot of Russia collusion but it’s the Democrats who are colluding.

This should be big news but the media will ignore it. They picked their side.


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5 years ago

This is a great story. The corrupt senate intelligence committee, the CIA, DOJ, FBI, … will never mention it or investigate it. Lanny Davis (caused much trouble in Chicago 1968) is the one chosen to deliver a major blow to Trump, and none of the midget republican leaders will offer a word in support of the president. The big battle right now is to give the dems the House. All hands are on deck working for a dem victory.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

The media will completely ignore this connection, they are on the side of Clinton no matter what is found about her henchman.

Frank S
Frank S
5 years ago

Stop the presses. This blockbuster WILL literally stop the MSM presses…. from printing this damning bit of info.