Hillary/Cohen Lawyer Lanny DEMANDS Investigation of Rudy Giuliani


Perjurer Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, was subpoenaed before the House Oversight Committee to help Dems in charge destroy the President. At first, Cohen eagerly agreed. Then the President and his attorney, Rudy Guiliani tweeted about Cohen and his sketchy father-in-law. That led to Cohen claiming through his and Hillary’s lawyer Lanny Davis that he was too afraid to testify, even suggesting the President’s people might hurt or kill him or his family.

Obviously, they must have meant the Clintons. The Clintons have dozens of dead bodies popping up around them on a fairly regular basis. It should also be mentioned that both Cohen and Davis are notorious liars.


Today, Davis said Cohen would testify for the Democrats.


Lanny Davis has griped about the President bringing up Cohen’s sketchy father-in-law who is under FBI investigation. He sees that as a threat against the family’s lives. Davis also complains that Cohen’s father-in-law, Fima Shusterman, is being investigated without evidence of a crime.

Really? Then why doesn’t he care that the President is being investigated for collusion without EVIDENCE OF A CRIME?

In any case, there is evidence in Shusterman’s case, but that’s beside the point.


The leftists are going after everyone who is in the administration.

Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis on Thursday called for a criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani, a member of President Trump’s legal team, for alleged witness tampering.

“Let me be very clear, the House of Representatives now has an obligation,” Davis, who is representing Cohen, said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

They are all working together and Hillary is always in the background.

“A resolution of censure when the president of the United States indisputably intimidates and obstructs justice to prevent a witness from testifying is in order. So is a federal criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani for witness tampering.”

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