Hillary, Comey Jump to LeBron’s Rescue After Trump Tweeted About His Smarts


Virtue-signalling leftists Hillary Clinton praised LeBron James who continually trashes President Trump. James Comey sent a more subtle message. Their tweets supporting LeBron came shortly after the President questioned LeBron’s intelligence in a tweet. He also knocked Don Lemon but so did Yale.

Melania came out and praised LeBron’s charity work, for which he deserves praise. His intelligence truly isn’t as impressive.

LeBron can say anything he wants, but he’s considered untouchable.

Clinton said he is a “class act” and she would because he insulted Trump supporters, the ones she calls “deplorable”. LeBron was a big Hillary supporter during the campaign.

James Comey tweeted his usual high-and-mighty message, undoubtedly meant for the President.

The left went after Laura Ingraham several months back for daring to say he should ‘shut up and play’. They tried to destroy her. Insults are a one-way street for the left.

Where are all these people when LeBron is trashing half the country?


In September of last year, he attacked President Trump’s supporters because they “was uneducated.

He also insulted his home state of Ohio for voting Trump. “No matter whether you voted for him or not, you may have made a mistake and that’s OK, if you voted for him. It’s OK. I’ve done things for my daughter and realized I shouldn’t have gave my daughter that many damn Skittles. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” said Lebron.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think a lot of people was educated. And I think that’s one of the biggest problems that we have. When it becomes vote time, people are just not educated on either the individual or what’s going on in the state of the world right now. … I don’t think a lot of people are educated and they make choices and say things that are uneducated,” said Lebron.

Usually people who have trouble speaking English don’t call others “uneducated”.

In his now-famous broadcast of idiocy, he eloquently stated that Trump doesn’t give a “F” about the people.

“The number one job in America … is someone who doesn’t understand the people, and really don’t give a f–k about the people,” James said in a video alongside fellow NBA All-Star Kevin Durant.


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