Hillary Compares President Trump to Hitler Who Massacred 6 Million Jews


Hillary Clinton resorted to using the old Soviet playbook during an interview with the far-left Guardian newspaper. She compared President Trump to Hitler, although she is the one who hoped to flood the country with leftist foreigners and take our freedoms away.

Mostly, she focused on the manufactured crisis of child separation at the border during her spiel. When Barack Obama separated more than 72,000 children, she had no problem with it.

She said, “I was hopeful that I wouldn’t see the worst of my fears come true. But it has been worse. I have to tell you, even I did not believe this would happen.”

Sure, Hillary.

Then she went on to the heinous comparison with The Guardian interviewer Decca Aikenhead.

“I’m sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn’t they?” she flashes back sharply, a fraction too quickly for the line to sound spontaneous. “I mean, I’m not comparing myself, but I’m just saying people said that, but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time.” Besides, she goes on, “I love what I do and I care about a lot of things, so I’m very interested in what people are doing to try to figure stuff out and solve problems. So it’s not really work to me. No, it doesn’t feel like work.”

She really does think she’s on a par with Churchill.

Have these people ever seen what was done to the Jews in these camps? How dare they. It’s Holocaust denial.

The author asked her about the so-called detention camps for children and she responded with her usual vile dishonesty.

“Well, here’s what I believe. There are certain characteristics of authoritarian leaders trying to isolate and demonise minorities, which we see happening. Looking to undermine the rule of law in as many ways as possible, some of which we have seen happening. Going after the press – and recently he called the press the nation’s No 1 enemy. There are certain behaviours that I think would raise anybody’s alarms.” The US’s democratic institutions are “not breaking”. They are, however, “bending”. She is “very worried about the increasing number of leaders who are determined to suborn democracy and take those powers on to themselves”.

She is a woman of the left who adopted Bernie Sanders’ platform for her second failed run for the presidency. It is Hillary who doesn’t believe in the Constitution or our Republic. If you will notice, she never refers to the US as anything but a democracy. The woman’s very comfortable with statism. She is the dictator-wannabe.

Do read about the Soviet tactic of comparing your opponent to Hitler:

Remember Podesta’s Emails: “Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler…”

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