Hillary Confesses to Boozing It Up


During a commencement address, Hillary Clinton told the Yale seniors this week that she is not over her 2016 election loss. She also told them about her drinking.

Hillary has been on a non-stop therapy tour after her dramatic election loss. This was more of the same except for her admitting to drinking.

She said she did a lot of walking in the woods and the audience laughed hysterically for some reason. The drama queen also joked about drinking “a lot of Chardonnay” and doing nostril breathing to cope with her loss.

We knew she was a big drinker.

“I remember the first months after that 2016 election were not easy. We all had our own methods of coping,” Clinton said, mentioning she spent “hours going down a Twitter rabbit hole” and had her “fair share of chardonnay.”

The loss is still unbelievable to her.

“No, I’m not over it. I still think about the 2016 election. I still regret the mistakes I made. I still think, though, that understanding what happened in such a weird and wild election in American history will help us defend our democracy in the future,” she said.

It couldn’t be that she was an awful candidate?

Hillary was accused of being drunk and violent election night.

Hillary Accused of Being Drunk, Violent Election Night

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