Hillary Could Be Answering That 3 AM Phone Call Via A Closet in Denver And That’s Okay


There’s no problem with Hillary breaking the law and compromising national security when it comes to running for president. That’s the consensus of most in the media.

Just breaking is the news that some Hillary email markings were changed to hide classified information, according to the latest information from Fox News.

At least four classified Hillary Clinton emails had their markings changed to a category that shields the content from Congress and the public, Fox News has learned, in what State Department whistleblowers believed to be an effort to hide the true extent of classified information on the former secretary of state’s server.

An intelligence source and a congressional source each said that the markings in four emails in the first batch of Hillary emails were originally classified and then changed to a B5 classification which drops them down a black hole.

On Tuesday evening’s The O’Reilly Factor, Bill spoke with Monica Crowley [Conservative] and Kirsten Powers [Democrat] about the classified documents.

Both agreed that Mrs. Clinton endangered national security. The line that was most telling, however, was this one from Kirsten to which all three agreed: “There’s two different issues as to whether or not she did something wrong which I think she did and whether or not it’s going to impact her campaign and…I don’t think this is going to be enough to derail her campaign.”

She’s violated the law – several laws – and endangered national security. It’s a certainty that foreign powers have the data she shared, but it’s not enough to derail her campaign? Democrats don’t think she should be drummed out of the party?

Oh why not, we just guaranteed that Iran will be a nuclear power and we have to protect their nuclear program from Israel now.

Watch the segment from The O’Reilly Factor:

The Federalist analyzed the latest batch of 7,000 emails released by the State Department and came to the conclusion that Hillary intentionally originated and distributed highly classified information. She sent classified information to people not in the State Department including Sidney Blumenthal.

They gave examples of emails that were entirely redacted.

They state that “under federal law, [classified] information is classified by nature, not by marking.”  The information is “classified the very second it originated.”

She was not merely a helpless, passive recipient of classified national security information; she was the originator, they wrote.

Hillary had to have known.

Washington Post found six highly classified emails that Clinton sent out on her own.

There is no doubt Hillary broke the law and the president’s own executive order. She violated the Espionage Act, the same act used to convict David Petraeus.

Morning Joe called Hillary’s excuses – BS.

Steven Hayes of the Weekly Standard said Hillary knowingly compromised sensitive data at the same time the 2010 Wikileaks hacking scandal was going on – actually on the same day.

The media is concentrating on Gefilte fish and Boehner’s drinking habits but ignoring the serious breaches of national security exposed by the emails. The material she sent was indisputably classified.

There is no doubt Hillary compromised national security for her own personal reasons, but the media, like CBS for instance, are focusing on the irrelevant, gossipy items.

Hillary was engaged in the minutiae of diplomacy, CBS reported.

Her last email blast shows her frustrated with the classified system. None of the information was classified at the time it was sent, CBS insisted, but nonetheless, it shouldn’t have been sitting on her home service for years, they reluctantly acknowledged.

This report is basically dishonest and gives her a more selfless excuse for not using the government email system.

She had an email exchange with one man who made it clear the documents she wanted could not be emailed because they were classified.

Voila! She knew!