Hillary Demands $30 Billion for NY-NJ But Try to Get $10.48 From Her


Hillary Clinton just called out Donald Trump for being “petty” in denying the allocation of $29.5 billion in federal taxpayer dollars from “moocher” red states for a New Jersey/New York tunnel. Meanwhile, her Onward Together PAC won’t allow donors to cancel tiny monthly donations if they change their mind.

The Democrats in NY and NJ say the “moocher states”, the red states, need to dole out the big bucks.

Maybe if New York and New Jersey didn’t spend enormous sums on foreigners who don’t belong here, these two states would have the money for the tunnel and then some.

Red states are moochers, Trump is petty

Clinton was speaking to members of the real estate industry at a gathering of the Regional Plan Association (RPA) in New York when she called Trump petty.

Trump is trying to watch the spending. New York and New Jersey are not watching spending.

“It’s time for the Trump administration to stop using this vital project to settle petty political scores,” Clinton told the RPA gathering, Politico reported.

As Business Insider Josh Barro wrote: “Like most underground rail projects in New York, it’s going to cost about five times as much as it should.”

Barro is correct based on history. With the regulations and corruption, it will indeed cost five times more.

“If our existing rail tunnels under the Hudson River fail, our region will become completely paralyzed and cut off, and the economic consequences will reverberate, not just across this region, but across the country and the world,” Clinton said hyperbolically. “Not acting on the Gateway tunnel is a disaster in itself waiting to happen.”

Then why did Democrats kill the Infrastructure bill? They appear to want infrastructure funds for their liberal/leftist states. They just don’t care about the rest of them. They call those states moochers.

Mostly Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey voiced support for the project, with one saying that federal funding for the plan is being blocked by “moocher” states that oppose subsidies for New Jersey while accepting federal dollars for their own needs. They mean Red States of course.

Get that Texas and Nebraska? You’re ‘moochers’. New York and New Jersey claim they send much more to the feds.

Clinton’s group won’t let people cancel their small monthly donations

Meanwhile, a Clinton nonprofit won’t let a man cancel his donation of $10.48 a month. Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit organization, Onward Together, won’t let him drop out and they won’t say why. That seems petty to us.

Seattle resident Corey Koscielniak had been trying to get out of it for months. He tried various means of communication and got nowhere. Eventually, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson helped him and he got it canceled.

Hillary will be addressing Onward Together today. She should discuss their pettiness and call them moochers.

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