Hillary emailed the most valuable information foreign intel could steal


hillary on the phone

Hillary Clinton is so intelligent, so competent and so mindful of national security that, in 2011, she discussed high-level negotiations via personal emails and she did so even though she told the public the opposite, claiming she did not email classified material to anyone.

Catherine Herridge received an email chain from Mrs. Clinton showing that in 2011 she discussed the negotiations to set up a no-fly zone over Libya as part of the effort to topple Muhammar Gaddafi.

The emails dealt with a military operation as well as administration strategy. Catherine Herridge said, “Current and foreign government officials say that is the most valuable information a foreign intelligence service could steal.”

John Bolton believes that a lot of her emails were sent out as unclassified though they should have been classified just so she could be accommodated. He said, “It’s not simply the effect on Secretary Clinton’s own email. It’s pervasive throughout the higher levels of the department, which simply magnifies the risk.”


  1. Hillary had no problem exposing U.S. secret intelligence to America’s enemies. After all, she is one of America’s enemies, a collectivist who is also bought and paid for by Muslim terrorists.

    • Mow that’s it all out in the open let’s have the rest of the story Hilary behind bars for the rest of het life she earned this big time

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