Hillary Gives the One Teeny Reason She Regrets Using Her Personal Server



Hillary Clinton is only sorry about using a private email server because of the reaction.

In a meeting with Iowa’s Quad-City Times editorial board, Hillary Clinton explained that she does believe her use of a private email server while Secretary of State was a mistake… but only because of the way other people reacted to it.

An editor with the Times pointed out a seeming contradiction in two statements from Clinton on her private email. During the CNN Democratic forum Monday, Clinton insisted that it was not an error in judgment to set up the server. But earlier in September 2015, the Democratic frontrunner apologized and called her private email “a mistake.”

“That to me sounded to me like an admission of an error in judgement,” the editor pointed out. “Why would that not be the case?”

Mrs. Clinton keeps saying that the government had them anyway because she sent them all to .gov addresses, conveniently leaving out the fact that she shared classified, Top Secret and SAPs over unsecured servers and shared them with people who do not have the security clearance to see them even though she knew of the potential for hacking.

She maintains that this requirement was satisfied because most of her emails from her personal account went to, or were forwarded to, people with government accounts, so they were automatically archived. Any other emails were turned over to State Department officials when they issued a request to her – and several of her predecessors – in October 2014. She said it is the responsibility of the government employee “to determine what’s personal and what’s work-related” and that she’s gone “above and beyond” what she was asked to do.

It has since been proven that her emails did not automatically end up on the State Department server. Sidney Blumenthal certainly wasn’t a government employee.

When she’s not lying, she’s evading.