Hillary Hates “Coal People”, They’re Deplorables Too


Former president Bill Clinton has referred to workers in coal country as “coal people”  and the “most anti-immigrant” of people. Hillary promised to put them all out of business, but don’t worry she’s going to conjure up some jobs for them doing something. It won’t be in alternative energy since that kills jobs.

The Clintons appear to have put “coal people” in one of the deplorable baskets because bill singled out people in Kentucky and West Virginia to an audience of snooty Democrats in November 2015 and the speech was leaked.

“One of the reasons I’m for immigration reform is that on balance immigrants add to the employment base, not take away from it,” Bill said, according to the transcript.

He added that housing problems “in the most anti-immigrant parts of America, like in coal country, West Virginia and Kentucky, don’t have anything to do with immigrants.”

Who’s the bigot??? He sure knows how to play to the biases of the elite leftists. He’s also been big on talking about “red necks”.

Hillary promised to be the president of ALL the people but she probably doesn’t mean deplorables, Catholics, Evangelicals, red necks, needy Latinas, conservative blacks, and apparently, “coal people”.

WJC Remarks at HFA Fundraiser in Snyder Residence on Scribd