Hillary Humiliates Herself Over Her “White Privilege”


Hillary white
Hillary humiliated herself at the Black and Brown Forum hosted by Fusion’s propagandist Jorge Ramos. She was asked how she benefited from her “white privilege” and she responded by ignoring the fact that it’s blatant bigotry against whites and she did her best to pander to the crowd. This was during the same interview in which she promised to never use the word “illegal” again in relation to illegal immigrants.

They seemed to eat it up.

Whites are supposed to feel inferior for being white and living a respectable middle class lifestyle in a stable environment. I would expect nothing less from the illogical left.


  • A black man was elected as President of the Unites States, and beat Hillary the white woman for POTUS. So please tell me what “White Privilege” Hillary is talking about! That’s right Hillary, join the great racial divide that Obama started. You have to be ignorant to vote for this POS. Regarding her other comment…We have to work hard because you Democrats are sucking the life out of the few of us willing to work, and who are paying into the tax system that pays for everything! I just really pray this woman would just die. I have said that about Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama. GOD please let them all be on the same plane campaigning and let the plane crash so I do not have to be subjected to their ignorance any longer. DIE BITCH!