Hillary Inspired #MeToo But Kept Accused Sexual Harasser on Staff


Hillary Clinton, whose husband has long been thought to be a sexual harasser and worse, was cited as the inspiration for the #MeToo campaign. The information comes from a New York Times report.

The NY Times reports: Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy has been cited as an inspiration for the #MeToo movement, but she has not played a visible role in it. 

As it happens, her senior adviser during her 2008 presidential campaign is accused of sexually harassing a thirty-year old woman he shared an office with. He’d kiss her forehead, rub her shoulders, send her inappropriate emails but what made it interesting is Hillary knew and wouldn’t fire him.

Her campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle told Hillary to fire him. Instead she had him go to counseling, he was temporarily suspended and the complainant got a new job.

The sexual harasser was Burns Strider who was Hillary’s faith adviser! Maybe that’s why Hillary is so morally confused! He was the co-founder of the American Values Network.

He later went to David Brock’s Correct the Record and was fired from there months later when another young woman complained.

Lena Dunham, a Clinton supporter, said Mrs. Clinton’s top aides also knew about Harvey Weinstein’s perversions. Hillary had claimed she didn’t know her good buddy Harvey was doing such terrible things to women. Dunham later took it back after she was pounded for saying it. Hillary’s aides denied it.

But…but…she’s with you!

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