Hillary Invited Tens and Tens of Millions to Come Here Illegally


illegals hiding at the border

The United States should have borders and this should not be a partisan issue but this administration has made it one. This will be a record-breaking illegal immigration year thanks to the Democrat candidates. The border is open. Border agent positions are not being filled and agents are being pulled from the border and being placed in low-traffic areas. Illegals are not being deported because they are not being caught.

During the Democrat debate last night, Hillary Clinton invited millions and millions of foreigners to come here illegally. She said all of the [12 million to 20 million] who are here illegally, except for criminals [she means only the worst criminals] should be given a path to citizenship. It’s not a surprise that she would say this since 80% of them or thereabouts will be Democrats voting for more freebies and more illegal immigrants.

She will stop deportations, she assured Jorge Ramos, the Univision host.

Bernie made the same promise.

Sheriff Babeau told Charles Payne on the Neil Cavuto show this afternoon that the Democrat candidates are undermining the rule of law by sending the message to tens and tens of millions that our borders are open. He warned that there will be a flood at the border.

The US is the most compassionate nation and we are very accepting of immigrants, he added, but what about people who follow the law and come here legally, he asked.

Hillary announced to the world that she wants citizenship for illegal immigrants. We have known that this was Obama’s goal but she’s now out there saying it.

Joe Biden said the illegal immigrant children are our children. How did we get to the point that everyone else’s kids are prioritized before our kids, the sheriff asked rhetorically.

Maybe we should send our veterans over the border and take them back as refugees so they can get the help they need, he suggested sardonically.


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6 years ago

I have always believed this invasion of illegals is being allowed to happen, votes, cheap labor, ect. after 9/11 we were told we need to go fight the terrorists on their turf rather fight them here, we don’t even know who or what comes across our southern border, give me a break!!!!!!