Hillary Is Pretty Happy About This News From the FBI


hillary startled

The Los Angeles Times reported that the FBI will be setting up interviews over the mishandling of classified materials on Hillary Clinton’s homebrewed email server. Clinton’s closest aides will be interviewed and it is expected that Clinton herself will be interviewed.

“The interviews are critical to understand the volume of information they have accumulated,” said James McJunkin, former head of the FBI’s Washington field office.  “They are likely nearing the end of the investigation and the agents need to interview these people to put the information in context. They will then spend time aligning these statements with other information, emails, classified documents, etc., to determine whether there is a prosecutable case.”

Hillary is pretty happy about it if you believe her SPOX who said there’s nothing new and Hillary welcomes the participation.

“We consider that a very positive step. As you know, the secretary has wanted everyone to fully participate in this review. She wants everyone who worked for her to answer every question and she herself volunteered way back in August to meet with the Department of Justice and answer all of their questions at that time,” SPOX Kristina Schake said.

I bet if she had her taxes audited, she’d be happy to speak with the IRS. Certainly, she would be happy to discuss her Foundation with the SEC if they ever caught on to her.

The FBI could decide to pursue charges against Clinton, ignore Clinton and focus on an aide or two, or just decide to exonerate everyone. The LA Times believes there is no legal risk to Hillary for using the home server to conduct State business. They found a law professor who said it’s not clear it’s against the law. Tell that to General Petraeus.

Joe Scarborough reminded his audience on Morning Joe that the emails she kept and shared could not be disclosed because they would cause “exceptionally grave damage to national security.”

“…Hillary Clinton and her team have been saying all along we didn’t send or receive any classified information.

The State Department says 1800 e-mails but 22 e-mails were deemed top secret and would cause “Exceptionally grave damage to national security if disclosed.” I’ve been hearing some commentators say this is much ado about nothing and that the FBI is just checking the systems out for their own exercise. They’re moving into a phase where they’re granting immunity, including one news report says the secretary herself.

This seems to be expanding far beyond a procedural investigation.”