Hillary, Kasich, Graham Condemn Trump’s Budget’s Cuts to INCREASES In Spending


There are a lot of things Trump is saying overseas that raise alarm bells among his followers, but domestically, the budget is a positive. Not according to the establishment – right and left, to include all Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham and John Kasich.

OMB Director Mike Mulvaney has been trying to sell the Trump budget since Monday. It’s not being given a fair hearing.

Democrats are claiming it’s INSANE to expect 3% growth

The Trump budget does not cut anything but the increases to spending. It’s a $4.1 trillion dollar budget and we’ll have to borrow at least 40% to cover it.

It will attempt to balance the budget in ten years which no President has bothered to do since Clinton. It cuts the increases to welfare and adds restrictions on able-bodied people collecting benefits.

The left is unhappy about the expected GDP growth and apparently prefers the 1.9% Obama-era growth that would eventually collapse our economy.

Slate, for example, headlined an article “The Trump budget forecasts 3 percent growth for 10 years, is insane,” and then backed off to “Trump’s Growth Forecasts Are the Budgetary Equivalent of Putting Your Fingers in Your Ears and Yelling, ‘Na Na Na Na Na,” PowerlineBlog noted.

As power line points out, a GDP of 3% used to be considered the norm, with 4%, on average, the target. Now liberals think such budget assumptions are “insane,” or, more mildly, “improbable.”

It will “kill” people, it’s “unimaginable cruelty”

The welfare cuts will kill people, the naysayers proclaimed, however, real compassion is to get people to work and not steal the money from taxpayers.

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham says the budget is dead on arrival and all of the Democrats are saying it will kill people.

Clinton, a leader of the party of hate and the rich, said Trump’s budget is an “onslaught” on kids, disabled, seniors, women and shows “unimaginable cruelty.”

Her giving speeches is an “unimaginable cruelty”. Go away Hillary.

Traitorous Kasich

John Kasich, who used to be a conservative, went on The View to trash Trump’s budget and tax cuts.

Kasich said the rich are benefitting from Trump’s budget and he wants the budget re-directed to the middle class. “I’d kind of like tax cuts being directed at the middle class and the working core,” the Ohio governor said.

“Let’s don’t worry about the top. It’s 1 percent,” he said disingenuously.

But don’t worry, he assured the leftists, “It has no chance…zero chance.”

The Democrats are the party of the RICH, not the Republicans!

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