Hillary Knows She Funded the Dossier After All


Clinton is eating well these days

In an interview on The Daily Show, Hillary Clinton defended her lawyer funding the Russia dossier. Politico reported that she dismissed any parallels between her paying for opposition research and so-called Russian election interference that helped Trump.

“I think most serious people understand that,” Clinton said in a clip of an interview with host Trevor Noah that was to air later Wednesday night. “It was research that started (with) a Republican donor during the primary, and when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer.”

Hillary’s camp funded the dossier and what she was upset about was not being able to get the dossier dirt into the media as The Washington Post reported.

That’s why she was angry with the media. Her campaign aides Brian Fallon and Nick Merrill tweeted their frustration. They wanted the fake Russia information put into the media! She’s angry it didn’t work.

The Hillary dossier was authored by a former British spy who obtained most or all of the dirt from Russians tied to the Kremlin.

Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer funded it and it was expensive.

“He said yes,” Clinton said of Elias. “He’s an experienced lawyer, he knows what the law is, he knows what opposition research is.”

Now this woman said she knew nothing of the dossier funding. Are we to believe this after this interview?

She also expressed frustration that Americans didn’t know the Trump campaign was under investigation before the election.

They didn’t know about her multiple crimes either. Her campaign appeared to have colluded with the Kremlin to put the dossier together.

During the interview, South African leftist Trevor Noah asked her what she says to people who tell her to retire and just go away.

She said racism and the guilty media are part of the problem and she won’t go away because she wants to promote youth like herself.

Hillary wants people to stand up for American values, she said. That is sick coming from this corrupt woman. Unfortunately, she said she’s done walking through the woods.

This next clip is very frustrating. She lectured Trump about “not pointing fingers” after tragedies. This is after she blasted the NRA for Vegas.

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