Hillary Knows Who’s to Blame for Milwaukee


Hillary Clinton responded to the Milwaukee riots by sloughing off the criminals burning, looting and beating whites and not-so-subtly blaming police by iterating Obama’s call for police to restore trust with the community and improve their relationships with the Soros-funded “protesters”.

She would be more accurate to blame the Democrat policies which have given rise to these urban plantations.

How do you restore trust with people burning down gas stations, looting liquor stores and looking for white people, even journalists, to beat up?

She’s a dingbat with no sense of reality or she’s just lying to curry favor with blacks at all costs or both.

Telling people what they want to hear for votes is manipulative. It’s evil.

Among her many solutions is to continue Obama’s policies of attacking police, retrain police, and put local police under the authority of the national government.

Another of her more nebulous solutions is a vague reference to promoting “positive” gangs. She will undoubtedly do that by pouring more wasted dollars into the communities that will be squandered by corrupt officials and lamebrain leftist ideas.



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