Hillary Laughs as Woman Says Bernie Doesn’t Care About Dead Kids


hillary bad attitude

Hillary Clinton allegedly won’t debate Bernie Sanders until his “tone” changes. A Clinton campaign strategist told CNN in a live interview segment that Sen. Sanders’ campaign ads had a negative tone to them, and that until he changed his tone, Clinton wouldn’t be agreeing to a debate in New York.

She simply doesn’t want to debate Bernie. She’s not winning.

How about the fact that Hillary’s tone is seriously lacking. At a forum in Wisconsin, she cheered on a woman who implied Bernie doesn’t care about dead kids.

“I applaud Secretary Clinton for reaching out to us because that other candidate on the Democratic side did not reach out to us. (Applause) Now I’m going to tell you. I think if you want my vote, you better work for it. She’s working for our votes. I’m not going to give it to you just because you say you can do free college because if my child is dead, he can’t go to college.” (Applause)

In between almost continuous bobble-heading, she laughed out a “Woh, ho, ho.”


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