Hillary and Staff Might Lose Security Clearances — Might?


State Department officials have opened “a formal inquiry” into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server located in her New York residence, and are considering whether she and her aides should lose their security clearances, Fox News reports.

Why does she still have them after being “extremely careless”? Why does Soros’s colleague John Podesta have them?

It’s about the private server again

Officials are investigating her use of a private server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York, mansion to determine if she mishandled classified information during her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat, Fox reported. This was confirmed by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

The federal government operates slowly, partly because of the cumbersome bureaucracy made more burdensome by the Deep State dragging their heels.

Not only does Hillary have security clearances, but her staff does as well. They can’t be trusted either. Podesta is tied to George Soros as is Hillary.

Candidates and their campaigns lose their clearances after a year and that’s probably how long this investigation will drag on – easily.

It would be a good idea to take their security clearances away immediately, but they won’t. Why won’t they in an era of leaks?

An inquiry could drag on and on and on.

Fox News reports that the “investigation aims to determine whether Clinton and her closest aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents.”

This should take no more than a few hours, but the State spokesperson wouldn’t say how long it would take.

All while the investigation goes on, these anti-Trump hooligans will have access to Top Secret information – daily. Hillary and her comrades don’t work in government and don’t need the information.

Then there is this other investigation

Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley launched an investigation into Clinton’s handling of emails in March. There is so much available information on this. It’s obvious she broke the law. Use the data already collected. Why waste taxpayer money and begin all over again?

We know Clinton was “extremely careless” which is clearly negligence with highly classified intelligence.

Grassley contended there is “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…”

Refer her to AG Sessions already, Tillerson, Grassley.



  1. WHY is Anyone in prior Government service even Allowed to maintain a security clearance. There is such thing as “need to know”. Once a person leaves service there is NO worthwhile reason for such clearances.

  2. Given that Hillary and her cohorts has blamed Russia, among others, it seems to becoming more evident the purpose of all this is to “nationalize” All Electoral Systems and, in essence, a Federal takeover of those systems.

    What we learned today is Not that Russia “penetrated” any systems, but rather all it amounted to was “pings” by outside actors. A ping is The most benign and cannot be construed as an attack. Anyone can use the cmd (command) prompt and enter “ping” and an internet address and See if there is a response. All it encompasses is acknowledgement that the address is valid. To equate this with Russian penetration or “attempted” access into those system is utter ridiculous and ludicrous. It should also be noted that no testimony, as yet, has been given regarding the DHS being the actor in some attacks. One person’s testimony labels the Netherlands as the IP address of an attack.

    As I recall the DNC servers were Never hacked. The only account compromised was Podesta’s and he fell prey to a phishing attempt. It was also reported via the emails that he queried the IT staff about whether or not the email was valid, And the IT staff said it probably was valid. Therefore the entire hacking story is bogus.

    I gather from FBI and DHS testimony that the main concern is and was false stories planted by the Russians which Would and Could have an influence on voting preferences. Should we not also consider the same possibility by our OWN media entities. These entities actually wield much more authority than obscure websites and obscure blogs.

    Chairman Burr did seem to imply that it could be possible a Federal takeover is in the works. The second panel has a Computer Engineer that lays the groundwork for such a decision.

    I have had direct experience when a problem arises and the Federal Government steps with its rule-making procedures. A number of years ago there was a natural gas explosion in California. Clearly California could easily have handled that situation on its own. There are plenty of regulations in place by Public Commissions who oversee these companies.

    Instead of letting the state handle that serious situation the Federal Government decided to create an extensive set of rules that are incumbent upon ALL natural gas utilities. All those in our organization were the highest skilled and knowledgeable in literally every aspect of the system, from the field units To the SCADA servers.

    The rules promulgated by the Government forced a Centralization which resulted in control given over to different groups. As a result it created conflicts by different departments. Furthermore, the group that was in charge of changing field parameters were totally clueless in the basic operation of the systems. Also the productivity of installation became severely hampered. What once took one or two weeks has now resulted in months, and in some instances six months. THIS is the end result of the application of Federal Regulations. The danger now is the vast amount of personnel involved with implementation that no one fully understands the complete system. Because of that, management has created a vulnerable system that is open to public attack. I was astonished they decided to use an open source communication protocol. Anyone can download a client application and access remote control systems. I decided to retire much earlier than I had planned.

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