Hillary Names the One Book That Most Influenced Her


Hillary was interviewed by Ezra Klein over at the left-wing Vox and she was asked what books impacted her. She chose her own boring collectivist book, It Takes a Village, in which it states it takes a village to raise a child.

Clinton said her 1996 book “It Takes A Village” has influenced the way she thinks about government policy….

“Oh my gosh, there are so many that I’ve read over the years. I wrote one called ‘It Takes A Village,’ which I highly recommend,” she responded….

Maybe she was influenced because someone else wrote it.

The majority of the book was written by ghostwriter Barbara Feinman. When the book was first announced in April 1995, The New York Times reported publisher Simon & Schuster as saying “The book will actually be written by Barbara Feinman, a journalism professor at Georgetown University in Washington.

Feinman received no credit and Hillary then tried to claim she wrote most of it with Feinman doing some interviews and editing.

Feinman contended she was writer, editor and researcher. Doesn’t leave much for Hillary!

When other famous people were asked what books influenced them, they didn’t pick their own books.

Albert Einstein chose A Treatise of Human Nature, which is actually three books,and  was Hume’s attempt to look at philosophy in a different way. Hume argued that not everything from life can be figured out from experiences.

For Ronald Reagan it was The Printer of Udell’s. The impact that the book had on Reagan was twofold, and it would forever change the course of his life. The first was that it inspired him to get baptized, and he became a Presbyterian, which he would remain until the day he died. The second was that it showed him that good could triumph over evil and that the good guys followed a code of morality.

Reagan was also heavily influenced by “Witness,” the bestselling autobiography by ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers. The book recounts Chambers’ experience in the trial of Alger Hiss, a man accused but never convicted of Soviet espionage. Reagan claimed that the author’s worldview helped him understand the inner workings of the Communist mind — knowledge that helped fuel his optimism for a more conservative world. He also talked about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Billionaire Donald Trump made his fortune in lucrative real estate developments, but he couldn’t have done it without “The Power of Positive Thinking,” a self-help title by Dr. Normal Vincent Peale. Peale advises readers to “Stand up to an obstacle . . . and it will finally break.” He also advises would-be success stories to “formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding.”

For George W. Bush it was the Bible.

Rudy Giuliani chose Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy.

Getting back to Hillary, she chose a boring collectivist book, It Takes a Village. As short as it was, I had trouble plowing through it plus it was a ridiculous premise.

Parents, not a village, are the child’s first and most important teachers. She thinks everybody in town has to be involved. In a general way that’s true in that outside influences to affect a child but basically it’s dumb.

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6 years ago

Bills favorite book kamma sutra, I thought her book was the slaughter house 5

6 years ago

It Takes A Village Idiot!

6 years ago

I’m surprised she didn’t mention her husband Bill’s favorite books, “The 120 Days of Sodom” and “Philosophy in the Bedroom” by the Marquis de Sade…. or her own OBVIOUS AFFECTION for the ideas expressed in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” “The Communist Manifesto” and the book that provides the template for her personality and ambitions, MEIN KAMPF.

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

So how’s that village named Chicago doing, raising all those kids? Raising the murder rates is more like it.