Hillary, Obama, Black Lives Matter, Clock Boy Are All in Al-Shabaab Terror Video


The Donald Trump– al-Shabaab video we have heard so much about also stars Black Lives Matter and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama also has a special mention. No mainstream outlet saw fit to mention it. Conservative outlets like Gateway Pundit and Right Scoop posted the full video available at live leak. You can watch it on this link or below.

Time Magazine obviously saw the video and decided to only mention Donald Trump.

Here’s one of the Black Lives Matter clips:

The fake Hands Up, Don’t Shoot movement that Black Lives Matter began over the death of petty criminal Michael Brown is featured in these screenshots.

faux hands up Michael Brown

Time’s mention of Black Lives Matter left out their group’s name but wrote this: “…African-Americans protesting police brutality and African-American men in prison.”

They also said: “Using footage of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American member of a Qaeda affiliate who was killed in an American drone attack in 2011, the video also said the United States was gripped by a “malignant hatred” of Islam.”

Time mentioned the KKK and white supremacists appearing in the video – naturally.

Time Magazine is helping al-Shabaab paint America as an evil, racist country and they are not the only left-wing media doing it.

The purpose of this troubling video is to show the alternative is Islam which allegedly guarantees rights – seriously, they are pretending they are not racist and guarantee equal rights to all.

The video supports the false CAIR narrative of Islamophobia. They claim Muslims are under siege and the law does not apply to them in the United States.

They mention our so-called atrocities and show a picture of clock boy.

Then they tell Obama what they are going to do to him:

National Review Online writer Stephen Miller posted a screenshot of Hillary Clinton’s appearance in the same video.

The Clintons were already on terrorists videos and now al-Shabaab has put Trump on at Hillary’s suggestion. She could be their new casting director.

One of the things that struck me as I listened to this thing was these Americans going over to al-Shabaab – these obvious terrorists and haters of America – are all being allowed to return to the US and they vote!


Update: The live leak video doesn’t appear to have Hillary but Stephen Miller explained:

Entire video that I saw had the film reel slots (on the side) you see in screen caps from my tweet. The screencaps are not manipulated by any way.

Video is now removed from YouTube (YouTube TOS or viewer removed it). My screen caps were taken without manipulation. In video Is Anwar Al Awaki speaking. Next was insert of Trump. Next was insert of alwaki and then Hillary and then the Black Live Matter clip. I did not link to to this video directly in my tweet because of Twitter TOS and especially new TOS in light of San Bernardino terror attacks. Twitter just recently announced new conduct rules. I wasn’t about to have my account banned because I linked to an Al Qaeda in Somalia recruitment Video (Worth nothing, no media source on twitter linked to the original video either). I even stated this the day of or after if you follow the thread.

More proof at Right Scoop

It doesn’t matter. She will be in one of them, especially if she becomes president.

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