Hillary paid for the Russia hoax & she’s out saying Mueller’s report is 9/11


Jordan Schachtel puts the entire Russia hoax in the lap of Hillary Clinton. She spawned it with the dossier paid for by the DNC and her campaign.

Christopher Steele and his Steele dossier were just one element of a campaign that was not only being financed, but appeared to be entirely manufactured and controlled by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. The Russia collusion hoax originated with Hillary Clinton, and the burden should be on her campaign and the DNC. It butchers the chain of responsibility to hold Christopher Steele, the contracted “researcher,” ultimately accountable for defending everything that spawned from the Clinton-DNC operation, which was later leveraged by the Obama administration, Schachtel writes.

Steele was merely the front man lending credibility.

The purpose was probably to ensure her electoral victory.

Mueller pointed to the dossier as an illegitimate document and the The NY Times now asserts it must be scrutinized.

Steele was simply a frontman, Schachtel says, and he makes a good case of it, detailing information about the important second dossier scheme. That didn’t come to pass because it was too close to Hillary.

With all this against the teflon Hillary, she is striving to make herself relevant again as she rips the President.


In a Wednesday op-ed, Hillary weighed in on the Muller report, comparing “the president’s possible obstruction of justice” to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, where nearly 3,000 people were killed by crazed religious fanatics.

The 2016 Democratic nominee for president claimed in the op-ed that the Mueller report revealed a “serious crime against Americans” committed by President Donald Trump.

Her allegations come after Attorney General William Barr announced on April 18 there was no evidence Trump conspired with Russians or committed an obstruction of justice.

“Congress can’t forget that the issue today is not just the president’s possible obstruction of justice — it’s our national security,” Clinton wrote in The Washington Post. “After 9/11, Congress established an independent, bipartisan commission to recommend steps that would help guard against future attacks.”

“We need a similar commission today to help protect our elections,” Clinton continued. “This is necessary because the president of the United States has proved himself unwilling to defend our nation from a clear and present danger.”

She would just love a commission, with her in charge. Hillary wants to get control of this and be relevant at the same time.

Clinton wrote about her experience during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as a New York senator as well as her ‘vast’ experiences as an attorney, particularly during Watergate, saying that “each of these experiences offers important lessons for how we should proceed today.”

The former first lady equated her attacks to patriotism, suggesting she’s not a partisan. She called on Republicans to “protect the country” in their dealings with the Mueller report — that’s a favorite tactic of hers.

“It’s up to members of both parties to see where that road map leads — to the eventual filing of articles of impeachment, or not,” Clinton wrote. “Either way, the nation’s interests will be best served by putting party and political considerations aside and being deliberate, fair and fearless.”

She needs to say that from behind prison bars.

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